Theo Walcott Will Extend Contract

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger has revealed that Arsenal winger and forward Theo Walcott is almost signing a new contract with Arsenal which will keep the fast-paced player in the Emirates till 2019.

Wenger said concerning the negotiations for an extension on the player’s contract which has been dragging for long that, “He hasn’t signed a new deal yet but we are getting closer and closer and hopefully we can get it done very soon,

The player has been crying for the central striking position for over two seasons and has tried to prove from time to time that he can play in that position and maybe the demand for that is what is keeping the contract negotiations delayed till now. After scoring the only goal for Arsenal against Wolfsburg in the Emirates cup competition from his preferred central striker position, the club manager, Arsene Wenger admitted that the fast 26-year-old winger is now capable of functioning as the main focus of Arsenal’s attack.

He said, “I’ve always said he’s a goalscorer because he has the speed, the movement and the eye for taking a chance when he gets in these positions. I believe he will score goals,” “He has his own way. He is not what you call the aggressive striker, he is the mobile striker, he lives on the quality of his movement.” “He turns up in the right space in the area, he anticipates well, and with his speed that makes him very dangerous.” “In his ideal he would like to play with a strong guy physically in the middle.” “But when I played him on the left he liked it as well because when he makes a good run he can score.

This recent development might indicate that the player has clearly delayed signing a new contract because he believes that he deserves the central striker position which he has had his eye on since Thierry Henry was at the Emirates but he has not been given the chance till now and since he has been performing in the position, the player might have noticed that the manager will concede to his demand and therefore he too will concede and sign a contract extension at the Emirates.

This move by the manager is a ploy to keep hold of the player who is being seriously targeted by Liverpool and other clubs who might easily pry him away if the manger is not careful enough and this kind of move is one of the things that has kept Arsenal fans’ faith in the manager despite the trophy drought.

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