“There’s no Explanation for This” Chelsea Superstar Blasts His Teammates in a Shocking Interview

Chelsea winger Willian has admitted that he’s shocked by the clubs poor performance and confesses they have made mistakes this season but they are ready to reclaim their glory with an aim for a top four finish.

Speaking about the shining light for Chelsea this term, the creative Brazilian winger Willian can never go unmentioned.

The creative Brazilian told the Telegraph: “Without any doubt it is hard to keep positive when everything is happening, but this is part of football. You lose one game, you know you have the next. You have to keep moving forward, stay positive so you can do better.”

“But we do know that our situation is not a comfortable one. We know that we need to make more wins to go up the table.”

Admitting that they have made mistakes as a club and are currently looking to make up for the mistakes, Willian said: “The team were champions last season. There’s no explanation to give as to why this is all happening.”

“I think that in football mistakes happen. Of course when you make one or two it is part of it but we have persisted in making some mistakes.”

“We always go out on the pitch to win. We do not go to lose or make mistakes but that is it, there is no other explanation for it. I think we know we have to make up for what we have lost. We have made mistakes in the past and we want to correct those mistakes.”

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