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Three Arsenal Players Should Have Been Red Card Against Chelsea

After loosing again the 7th time in twelve meeting with a Jose Mourinho led team, the least Arsene Wenger can do is either believe its the norm and pretend as if it doesn’t happen or go on to ask himself vital questions how is it that his gunners seem to capitulate against a Mourinho led Chelsea each time they meet.

It was a warm afternoon on Sunday and the sun was just over the Shed end of Stamford Bridge with fans trooping in to catch a glimpse of a show that many can correctly predict the outcome even before it starts.

It was the battle of London. Its the Blue side of London versus the red side. Both fans were in high mood. The Arsenal fans in high mood will be in hope that something unexpected could happen. Something unexpected is Arsene Wenger getting his first win against his opposite number.  Out of the pair’s eleven meeting prior to this game Mourinho has won six and drawn five. You don’t need to be a good  Mathematics student to know how many Wenger has won. Its important to note the last time this two side met in this same ground, it was the Blue that thumped Gunners 6-0.

The game will soon start and as they say “the rest is history.”

Arsenal as expected albeit by “Chelsea’s arrogant fans” were beaten 2-0 by a well organised and drilled Chelsea.

The match was however not free from the usual controversies and manager feeling hard done by referee. (We should cut the referees some slacks after all, they are also human).

Arsenal coach come out worst of the two managers. Not just because his side lost but because he felt the referee’s calls were against his teams. He felt Chelsea should have had three of their players sent off. Whoever those three players were I don’t know and what there offences were that I cannot tell save for one rash challenge by Garry Cahill on Alexis Sanchez. In all fairness Cahill was hash with his tackle on Sanchez and nobody would have questioned the referees decision if he decides to send him on an early shower but it didn’t get worse than that.

It is however Wengers boys that I think should have seen red on different occasions. Chiefly among them is Alexis Sanchez who launched a punch at a harmless Ivanovic’s back.

There is a video footage of the game showing Sanchez launching a blow to Ivanovic’s back. Sanchez picked a pass just after the half way line into the Chelsea half on the right. He tried to beat his marker- Ivanovic with his pace and trickery but the Sabian was up to the task, dispossesses him off the ball and a frustrated Sanchez turned and boom- a punch on the back of Ivanovic’s head while the player chased the ball which already was going off for a throwing.

The referee missed the incidence which was a case of violent conduct on the pitch and should be met with a straight red card. Sanchez must have counted himself lucky to still be on the pitch but if FA calls for the review of the video footage, he is sure to get to sit out atleast three of Arsenal’s upcoming games.

Other Arsenal players that should have seen red include defender Laurent Kolcielny who being the last man fouled a goal bound Eden Hazard. Though Chelsea will take the lead through the resultant penalty but it would have been worse for the Gunners if the referee was not lenient enough with his punishment.

Calum Chamber should also have seen a second yellow after body-checking Andre Schurrle who was on a full flight but the referee just gave a free kick and allow the two teams to enjoy the benefit of playing with a complete team.

So, its laughable though not the one I would expect from a man well respected in the game when Arsene Wenger comes out to say that three Chelsea players should have been sent of while in actual sense, it is three of his young guns that should have been watching the latter part of the game from a tv inside the locker room.

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