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To Be From Trabzon or Not To Be? This Is The Question

Trabzon… It is a seaside city of Turkey. The Black Sea breaks over the city and there is a rainy weather every season. Everywhere is very green and surrounded by trees and forests. It is difficult to live in Trabzon if you are not from Trabzon from birth. It is an article on Trabzonspor and their key to the success. As always I will try to explain this with using some cultural things.

They Took Strength From Themselves

In Turkey, most of the people believe that Trabzonspor are better with players from the city of Trabzon. History accepts this hypothesis as true. Their best days were with footballers who were born in Trabzon. Legendary Striker Hami Mandirali scored 233 goals in Trabzonspor. The successful manager Senol Gunes was in goal for Trabzonspor. The other successful striker Fatih Tekke gained popularity in Trabzonspor and transferred to Zenit. The list goes on. These players have in common. They are from Trabzon.

Return to Self Again?

With the leadership of Ersun Yanal, Trabzonspor give signals which means that they turn onto youth setup and Trabzon’s youngsters. On this piece, I will introduce two of them. The two remarkable youngsters have made the matches’ mark. Two weeks ago Trabzonspor defeated Genclerbirligi with 3-1. Abdulkadir Omur and Yusuf Yazici’s performances were really eye-catching. Abdulkadir and Yusuf both contributed 1 assist. As for last week, Trabzonspor drew 2-2 with Basaksehir. They were not great but they showed how potential they have.

Where is the secret?

I am asking this question myself. Why are Trabzonspor more successful with players who were born and grow in Trabzon? Or is this a coincidence? Maybe it is difficult to get used to living there in terms of hard climate condition, so non-Trabzonian footballers are less successful. You know Ethiopian athletes are really good at a long-distance run. This is because their genes took shape from geography. This gene shape provides an advantage for them when running. That kind of connections causes me to believe that it is not a coincidence. If any researchers read this piece, I would like to follow his/her study.


Trabzonspor didn’t make a good start for 2017-2018 Spor Toto Super League. However, it doesn’t mean they maintain this way. On Friday, they are going to play with Aytemiz Alanyaspor. Turkish football fans are looking forward to watching young star candidates. In the long term, it is highly possible to see the more.

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