Trabzonspor-Galatasaray: Clever, Agile & Well Behaved Players

Trabzonspor put Galatasaray up on Sunday. The home team having it rough had to win. After The away team Galatasaray drew 0-0 with Fenerbahce, they were going to Trabzon for 3 points. This is because GS’s football against Fenerbahce was widely criticised. The team scoring the most in the league made their fans disappointed again. At the end of the match, the scoreboard was showing 2-1 Trabzonspor’s victory.

For Turkey, this was a derby, and if we talk about derbies, it is very normal to mention the referee and high tension. Ordinarily, there were 3 red cards. 2 of them were for GS and the other was for TS.

What is this piece about? I won’t speak of the referee mistakes because I already have. If you wonder about my thought about referees, see one of my previous pieces on BFTGT.

In this piece, I am going to discuss Turkish footballers. When you read it, you will have some opinions about Turkish football, Turkish footballers and the reality.

“I like the sportsman who is clever, agile and also well-behaved.”

On Sunday (the 29th of October), Turkey celebrated ninety-fourth year of the Republic Day. “Republic” means unity, solidarity, being thoughtful. This soul should be reflected the pitch. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of Modern Turkey has a famous saying. “I like the sportsman who is clever, agile and also well-behaved.” In the derby, Olcay Sahan was shown the red card. He got what he deserved. I can’t put the video but you can watch it on Youtube.

Why are we aggressive? Is it normal to be like that in the match? Some people can think that players play in high tension, so they can be on edge from time to time. However, I don’t think so. A person should manage to control his/herself. In Turkey, young players grow up with ego because they earn lots of money since the young age. Earning lots of money is not something bad, but in Turkey because of the education system, athletes have to prefer either education or sports. It is very difficult to maintain them both here. When this is the case, money and education rate don’t increase evenly. This causes players to be reckless. I don’t want to use more words to describe them because English is not my first language. I could choose wrong and serious words.

What can the solution be?

Every sports club needs to have the sports psychologist. In Turkey, most of the clubs have, but the administration and some managers don’t care about them. Since young ages, players should get therapy through long years. It is because mind is most important thing for us. Athletes should practice mentally in the same way they do physical training. Ultimately, mental power can better you. Please note that body can be managed by the brain. The brain is a general. Muscles are soldiers.

Footballers should not be given so much money. Countries like Turkey, China and Arabic ones pay too much money for transfers and salary. It is a big mistake. Money overcomes their passion because they can reach everything easily.


Psychological science and business applications can heal football. Besides all these, education is one of the most important factors to reach clever, agile and well-behaved sportsmen. I don’t mean university or master degree diplomas. I mean high vision, ability to learn, high culture and different perspectives. They are the elements of high education. I hope football can connect each other in the future.

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