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TRANSFER RUMOURS: Arsenal defender to Napoli? Chelsea striker to Liverpool?

Johan Djourou has been linked with a £6m January move to Napoli

October 16th: Napoli midfielder, Valon Behrami, who is also Djourou’s international team mate, recommended Napoli renew their interest.

October 10th: Flavio Ferraria, Djourou’s agent – “There is no real possibility that he will leave Arsenal as he is contracted to them until 2015. However, we will evaluate the current situation in January. Obviously he would like to play in Italy because we have discussed this several times before, but he hasn’t a preference for any specific club.”

June 11th: Ferraria – “I saw my client the other day and he was enthusiastic about both Napoli and Italy in general. So far we have received an offer worth £10m. He wants to play for one of the top five Italian clubs.”

May 30th: Djourou – “My situation at Arsenal is not easy. I’ve never played so little and especially not in my own position. If an interesting offer comes, I’ll look at it carefully.”

Daniel Sturridge has been linked with a loan move to Liverpool with the view of it becoming a pemanent move after limitted playing time since AVB’s departure

October 17th: No new contract has been agreed and with Manchester City entitled to 15% of his next fee, Chelsea are keen to organise a deal to ensure they can recoup as much money as possible for him, with a final price agreed as part of the loan deal.

August 31st: Transfer deal between Liverpool and Chelsea falls through.

August 30th: Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers – “Daniel is a young player that I know well. He has done very well for Chelsea. At the moment there are a number of contacts that we are making and I don’t want to, out of respect to the other clubs and the players, sit here and go through every single player that has been linked with Liverpool. Hopefully there will be one or two coming in.”

March 1st: Sturridge – “The manager has helped me a lot. He’s playing me a lot so I can’t complain. I’ve not had a Chelsea manager do that for me before. It’s helped me so much because previously I’ve not had a chance to play week in and week out, except when I was on loan at Bolton. To play at one of the best clubs in the world and start every week is a dream come true. I love playing for Chelsea. Some of the stuff I’ve read about me asking for a contract is not true. I’ve not spoken to the club to ask for a new contract, or told them I’m unhappy. I’m just doing a job. Working hard. I’m not worrying about my contract. It’s not true. I’m committed to Chelsea.”

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