Transfers in Turkey: Saving the Day

Lots of money, high transfer fees, and player salaries. Probably an ordinary football fan would describe Arabian football leagues in this way. I think there is no need to explain the reason why people would draw a frame for the leagues. Money cannot construct everything. An idea, science, innovation must be along with money.

Last week, Spor Toto Super League witnessed good matches. Medipol Basaksehir hosted Fenerbahce. It was an important match on top of the league. DG Sivasspor played against Kayserispor. They are long-standing rivals. Besiktas scored 5 goals against Karabukspor which are the bottom team in the league.

High Average Age

Unfortunately, there is a connection between the first paragraph and second paragraph. According to, Spor Toto Super League’s average age is 27,8. The figure can look normal. However, let’s look at big teams.

Galatasaray 28,1
Fenerbahce 29,3
Basaksehir 29,6
Besiktas 29,7

Flash transfer was Robinho signing to Sivasspor for the break transfer window. Last week, he scored a goal against Kayserispor. There are some positive sides to this transfer. He is a famous player. Thanks to him, Sivasspor got famous. Also, he is a stylish footballer. Young players can learn lots of things from him. However, he is 34 years old. Probably, Sivasspor cannot gain money by selling him. That means maybe after 2 years, Sivasspor will have to buy someone else.

Besiktas sold Cenk Tosun to Everton. They transferred young Cyle Larin and experienced Vagner Love. Larin doesn’t have Europe experience. We should give him time. Vagner Love is 33 years old. Last season, he was the top goal scorer in the Turkish league. Last week, he scored 2 goals. However, can Besiktas gain money on selling him? In the beginning of the season, Besiktas signed up with Alvaro Negredo 32 years old.

The players I have mentioned above are really good players. They are not ordinary players, but… How can we have a sustainable future unless we have a high opinion of scouting and young high-potential players? There is no need to reinvent the wheel. We have to cope with manager transfers. Clubs must have their own scouting network. If they have it, they would not live in fear of selling a good player in their squad. This is because they will have lots of options instead of the player they can sell. Thus, they can gain more money from transfers.


As a result, Turkey should not be like Arabian leagues. We are a European country. We are a football country, so we are better than them in any case. Clubs in Turkey should not be managed with just money, but mind. That’s why we have to change. I am sorry to say that the clubs transfer for saving the day.

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