Trouble Brewing – Eden Hazard Announces He Wants To Leave Chelsea

Jose Mourinho seem to have dropped the final straw that will break Eden Hazard’s back. The manager dropped Eden Hazard at the weekend for Chelsea’s match against Aston Villa and immediately started a storm that can only increase with time as regards Hazard.

Mourinho may even have a bidding war on his hands very soon with the situation of things with the creative winger.

The Chelsea manager did not only drop the midfielder but also publicly challenged Hazard and crtiticized him destructively and this was only going to make the situation more intense.

On Wednesday French newspaper L’Equipe took the rumors to a new level and gave it a new spin.

L’Equipe state that Hazard is concerned about what he regards to be a ‘lack of ambition’ at Chelsea, and his ‘cool relations’ with Mourinho. The French newspaper say Hazard has his eye on the exit door and would really fancy Real Madrid if the option came up.

L’Equipe explained that Hazard feels he needs to make himself look like a goalscoring successor to Cristiano Ronaldo, and he’s simply not doing that for Chelsea right now.

If these rumors are true, then Mourinho had better check himself before he destoys the Blues.

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