Trouble Time – Man United Target Gang Up Against LVG Ahead Of Liverpool Clash

Every manager comes with their unique approaches and methods of training their player, but for a host of senior players within the rank of Manchester United, they are displeased with Louis Van Gaal due to his rigid and tough training methods, as per the Times.

The reports states that Van Gaal was confronted by some of his players and was suggested to the coach that they be given more freedom to express themselves on the field of play. However, the Times say the confrontation happened several weeks ago but that has not changed the Dutchman’s tactics as he believes he’s doing the best thing for his squad.

Following Van Gaal’s appointment last season, the Red Devils have been far below one of the more expressive sides in the EPL. Under LVG, the Red Devils are a more organised and functional unit, with every player always playing in a rather stereotyped and disciplined manner.

Little wonder the scored 62 goals last season in the EPL, while this term, their lack of goals have continued with just three goals in four matches.

Equally, United ended last season as the sixth most creative team last season behind Liverpool and Tottenham. The team created only 391 chances while Liverpool and Tottenham had 435 and 407 respectively.

United are obviously struggling for goals. Anthony Martial may make his debut this weekend against the Kop.

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