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Van Gaal Attacks Paul Scholes, Says he has Been “Sacked” Three Times and Reveals Talks with Woodward About Mourinho

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal says former United midfielder Paul Scholes should stop creating a “negative atmosphere” at the club and among fans.

Van Gaal has been blamed for United’s poor performance this season, which has seen his future being main topic of discussions in the Premier League recently.

And the Dutch man has identified Scholes as the man behind the “negative atmosphere” at the club.

Speaking to the Independent Van Gaal said: “I have always coped with [criticism]. Barcelona is a very critical environment, because the result and the performance is very important. In England, it is more the result than performance, only when Paul Scholes started he influenced a certain amount of fans.

“What Scholes is thinking, he has to think it. Every human being can give his opinion. I don’t bother about that, I think it is good. But my problem is when you create an atmosphere, a very negative atmosphere for somebody, so maybe he should be more positive.”

During the week, it was reported that former Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho had been selected to succeed Van Gaal in the summer, but the manager has moved to dismiss the reports by claiming that the club would let him know if there is a new manager in line.

“I have spoken with [executive vice-chairman] Ed Woodward and I cannot imagine that he and Jose Mourinho have spoken with each other.

“I think that if they speak with another manager, they would tell me because our relationship is like that.

“If they want to change, they have to prepare themselves. That is also my professional attitude, in my opinion. If they are thinking that they want to replace me, they have to enquire. But, if it is like that, they have to say it to me and I believe they will tell me if it is like that.

“I not only have a strong relationship with Ed, but also with the Glazers. I have a good feeling with them, and that is why I am annoyed with all the publicity. I have ‘been sacked’ three times and now it is about negotiations starting with Mourinho. The next time it will be another manager.”

The manager went ahead to admit that he has a provocative relationship with the media.

“I am used to a lot of criticism,” he said. “My performances in the media are also provocative, but I have had to cope with the criticism from the first time I was a coach.
“For me, it is not any more stress or bother to have to deal with it. That is because, with the way I speak, my players are always protected. It is always against Louis van Gaal, it is never against my players, so that is a benefit of how I talk in the media.”

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