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Mata revolts against LVG

Van Gaal faced Spanish revolt from two players – getting sacked tonight

Things were going quite okay for Louis Van Gaal when he took charge of Manchester United after having a wonderful World cup with the Dutch national team. Netherlands came third, but they defeated teams like Brazil and Spain on big margins on their world cup campaign. Certainly Van Gaal had his part on such a great performance.

Manchester United was suffering at that time as they finished 7th following a year after being crowned the champions. Expectedly manager David Moyes was sacked. Manchester United got to a flying start after winning a pre-season championship defeating Real Madrid. The fans and the management thought they have found the right man to bring back the glory days under Sir Alex.

The first season was somewhat okay. Van Gaal was given the task to rebuild the team and make them qualify for the Champions League. Manchester United finished fourth under Van Gaal’s first season. The start of this season was even better. A few weeks ago Manchester United was at top of the Premier League table. But the happy moments didn’t last long for Van Gaal.

Not only they lost the top spot, but also the team started to look all over the place. Van Gaal prioritizes on possession based football, and seems like Manchester United is not being able to get along with his ‘Philosophy”. The team has been knocked out of the top four spots after they suffered a defeat against Norwich City, a team that is fighting to avoid relegation.

Gradually Van Gaal has started to lose the support from the fans, as well as the board. Though he claimed that the players have full faith on him, still there are rumors that this Christmas can witness an end of Van Gaal’s era at United.

Reliable sources have claimed that the board has given an ultimatum to Louis. The following games, against Stoke and Chelsea, will most probably decide LVG’s future at the club. If he loses any of these two games, it’s very much likely that Manchester United will show the doors to LVG.

But latest reports on social media states LVG is already sacked after facing Spanish revolt from Juan Mata and Ander Herrera. Insider confirms LVG met with the board and they should make an official statement within a couple of hours.


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