“We Are Close” Wenger CONFIRMS Shocking Transfer News £100K-A-Week Star To Sign

Arsenal gaffer Arsene Wenger confirmed that Theo Walcott would extend his contract that would see him stay at the Emirates for a long time to come soon enough. The England star notched in the only  goal as Arsenal went about their way to a 1-0 victory against last season’s  Blundelinga  runner up Wolfsburg which they clinched the Emirates cup for the first time since 2010.
The England Internationals future at the club had again being brought to the fore and Wenger now expects the striker to sign the dotted lines with regards to the extension and also backs Walcott to come good by scoring lots of goals when the up coming season begins. “Not yet,but we’re getting closer and closer. Hopefully,we can finalise it very soon”. Arsenal boss responded when pressed about wether Theo Walcott had signed a new deal tieing down to the Emirates on the long term.
Talking further, “It was another goal for Theo and I’m not surprised by that because I played him through the middle. I’ve always said that he’s a goal scorer because he has the movement, he has the timing of the run,the speed for the finishing,and he has an eye for taking his chances at the right moments.When he gets into these positions, he finishes well.Yesterday,he nearly scored when he came in as a substitute,today he scored. I believe Theo will score goals.
Walcott spurned a couple of goal scoring chances to open the scoring charts when deployed as a central striker. To highlight this, Wenger was asked again what he thought of the England Internationals best position was.He responded “It’s a good question because it’s a complicated answer. I think in all the three positions.If you ask him where he loves  to play, I believe that even he will say that it depends a little bit on the period.Sometimes,he prefers left. When I’ve played him on the left he likes it as well because if he makes a good run he can score goals as well
“In his ideal world,he would like to play with a strong guy next to him,a player who is very strong physically, and play off him.We have so many offensive players which makes that very difficult to combine all of them together
“He’s not an agreesive striker ” Wenger further enthused ; “He’s a mobile striker. He’s the striker who lives from the quality of his movement and the speed of his movement
“He turns up at the right spaces in the box and you cannot give that to a player. He anticipates well,he understands quickly and when that is linked with his speed and execution it always make him very dangerous”.
With community shield to hold next weekend at Wembley when they play Chelsea and a week after the premier league kicks off, Arsene Wenger ‎would surely hope to have finalised the contract extension with the England international and focus on other prospects before the transfer window shuts come September 1st.
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