Wenger Held Secret Talks With £150k-A-Week Star, Liverpool To Lose Out

There arerumours going aroung that Liverpool are close to agreeing a €50 million deal to bring Karim Benzema to Merseyside. But it seems like the deal could be scuppered by an attempt by Arsene Wenger to use his French connection to try and persuade the French striker to opt for Emirates instead. Reports from Bernabeu are pointing out that some sections of fans have become frustrated with the French striker’s off and on form and this is begining to have a negative effect on the player’s psyche. A move to either Arsenal or Liverpool will represent a major transfer coup but who needs the player more? Arsenal or Liverpool?

Liverpool bought Mario Baloteli and Ricki Lambert in the just concluded transfer window. The two strikers are are still finding it hard to adapt to their new club. But in my own opinion, adaptation should not be taking so long for these players because the two are not new to English football. So, using that as an excuse for a sub par performance will not go well with me. If Costa that is new to the league can be scoring while a certain Di Maria too is performing, then it is expected that the duo should do the same. Baloteli is yet to register a goal for Liverpool. While it is certain that the goal will come, the timing remains a subject of debate. With the continued absence of Daniel Sturridge, it is highly important for players like Mario and Lambert to step up their game.  If not, there are doom days ahead for Liverpool

Arsenal on the other hand have an injured Giroud to contend with. The deadline day addition of Welbeck was applauded by the Emirates faithfuls. In so small a time, Welbeck slotted in easily into the gunners team providing goals and assists in his first two premier league games. He went on to score a hatrick in the champions league match against Galatasaray. Alexi Sanchez, the marquee signing of Arsenal this season is also struggling to adapt to the demands of English football but his form is not as bad as the Liverpool duo of Lambert and Baloteli. Giroud is expected back before January, so Arsenal does not need to press the panic button just yet. Rather, Wenger should shift his attention to his defense personnel as it seems that is the Achilles heel of Arsenal.

Would Real Madrid let Benzema go in January? It is highly improbable that Real Madrid will sell the French man in January because they will want to get a suitable replacement before releasing him.  And everyone knows that January is not the best of times to get very good players die to the fact that most players would have been cup tied.  The capture of Chicharito on a season long loan deal is not enough to placate Carlo  Ancelotti to part with his main striker for the time being.  So the  possibility of Benzema leaving Real Madrid is highly debatable. But if truly either of Arsenal or Liverpool is willing to spend the €50 million on the French man, then it means Real Madrid would have sold an obsolete asset at a premium. No disrespect intended to the French man.

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