Wenger Hints At A Switch To 4-4-2 Formation

Although, it has been whispered quietly in some quarters in the past few weeks, it has not gained much ground in that time, however, following reports that Oliver Giroud could make a return from injury earlier than expected, the whispers have gone up a notch with the question of how Oliver Giroud and Danny Welbeck would play in the same team. Arsene Wenger had set the ball rolling when he claimed that both players can play in the same team, and he gave Welbeck’s time at Manchester United as a reason to show that both can play in the same eleven.

“Welbeck played in the same team with Rooney and Van Persie. He can play down the sides. Yes, I think they could play together or separately.”

Arsene Wenger could be forgiven for using Manchester United as a case study. But when Danny Welbeck played in the same side with Wayne Rooney and Robin Van Persie, he was deployed in the wings, the same thing Arsene Wenger alluded to. It is easy to forget that Danny Welbeck left Old Trafford because he never had the opportunity of playing in his preferred position; rather he was shifted to the wings in order to accommodate other players.

With Arsene Wenger’s mention of the Manchester United scenario, it therefore means he has it in mind to play Danny Welbeck on the wings when Oliver Giroud returns. A turn of events that would see Arsene Wenger play yet another player out of position.

Besides that, Arsene Wenger’s mention of the possibility of both players playing together could be the Frenchman pointing to a scenario where he would tweak the team’s formation to 4-4-2, with Oliver Giroud and Danny Welbeck at the tip of the attack.

It was an orthodox 4-4-2 formation in the last half hour of the matches against Wigan and Hull in the FA Cup semi final and finals last season when Yaya Sanogo and Oliver Giroud was brought in the finals and semis respectively resulted in the change in the complexion of the game. The boss could have seen how that worked so well in the end when Arsenal’s foray up front increased following the switch to two strikers.

Perhaps, he would use such a tactics against the lesser teams with Danny Welbeck and Oliver Giroud as the two strikers in a 4-4-2. While he would adopt a more pragmatic approach (4-2-3-1) when Arsenal face one of the big teams.

The answer to the question of how Oliver Giroud and Danny Welbeck would fit into the team would become known when the former returns from injury. So far Danny Welbeck is expected to lead the line until at least December. At the time the French striker returns, the permutation and the combination of whether both strikers can play together would begin in earnest particularly when the midfielders that would play behind them in such formation is considered.

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