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“Wenger Is Arrogant, Defensive And Patronising” – Ex Tottenham Star

Following the Premier League which saw Hull City hold Arsenal at the Emirates in a 2-2 encounter, Arsenal boss, Arsene Wenger vented his frustrations and sought to console his team, claiming Hull adopted the famous ‘park the bus’ system – a defensive style which sees over seven players defend the goalkeeper while the opposition is given series of tough time in finding the net.

According to the Arsenal boss, his team controlled the match from the start to finish but Hull managed to secure a draw because his players could not take the initiative. Wenger believes a morale-booster was handed to Hull after they scored their second goal; an act which made their players defend heroically.

However, the Arsenal boss consoled his team’s performance, stating that they were ‘unlucky’ to have conceded a second goal, despite being the better side in a clash that saw the Frenchman pinned to securing just a point in the encounter.

The draw at the Emirates implies that the Gunners have won just two of their opening eight Premier League fixtures, meaning they are eleven points behind league leaders Chelsea.

After the match, BBC reporter, Jacqui Oatley spoke to a frustrated Arsenal Manager about his side’s display. She questioned: “So just be clear why you felt you didn’t win the game bearing in mind you said you dominated it?”

“You look at the number of shots on goal, how many times did they come into our half and you will see that they defended well and [we] made it difficult for ourselves by giving them a second goal and we were a bit unlucky as well and the usual football game where one team defends and one attacks and the team who takes the initiative doesn’t always win, especially when you are one goal behind it gives them morale to defend well and they did it well.”

A struggling Wenger side was matched at the Emirates and while Wenger’s obsession for statistics of the game might be partially correct, the Frenchman must induce his team with new legs that could help turn around the present poor form of the Gunners in the Premier League.

While January seems to be close, the Arsenal boss must proffer alternatives in finding a balance that could see the team sustain fewer damages before the January transfer window in order to cling to at least a tiny hope of the Premier League dream.

Arsene Wenger’s frustrations may have gone the wrong way; statistics have little to tell about football, particularly when the players involved are actively around. The Frenchman’s negative energy should be on his ever-shrinking players who seem to be losing the optimism of fair challenge, considering the declining states of his players to injuries.

The Gunners boss must learn to stop glorying in statistics particularly when the scoreboards tell something contrary.

Encouraging one’s team is germane in the game but constructive criticism and objective look at the situation of things is best preferred to cheap consolations.

Match of the Day Presenter, Gary Lineker expressed is disasatisfacion with Wenger’s response to the questions asked by Oately as he tweeted: “Must say, I thought Arsene Wenger was arrogant, defensive and patronising to Jacqui Oatley in the face of excellent questioning.”

If there is anything or anybody Wenger must turn to, it is his players and the Board. The players, to charge them in giving positive results on the pitch and the Board, to release the necessary funds in signing the right players if the club still desire to be a contender or the elusive Premier League trophy.

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