What has Manchester United target said about his future club?

Robert Lewandowski was supposedly a done deal for Bayern Munich but his most recent comments suggest there is the possibility he will be moving to the Premier League this summer.

The player claims he has never revealed he would be signing for Bayern Munich.

What has he actually said?

April 21st 2013: Sir Alex Ferguson on signing Lewandowski – “Yeah, but Bayern Munich are strong with that too. We just have to wait and see where we are in terms of if we win the league. Then it may be different.”

May 27th 2013: His agent, Cezary Kucharski – “Yes. Robert will join Bayern this summer. There is no point in pretending that he will not move to Bayern. Robert wants to leave and that is what will happen. It is a matter of time. It could be a done deal within a week or within two to three weeks. We are waiting for a signal from the club. We are working on this deal.”

June 5th 2013: “I expect everything to be cleared up now so that I will be allowed to move to my dream club this summer. That would be the best for everybody involved. Dortmund are a fantastic club whom I will always admire. It’s just now I want a new challenge for my future.”

June 11th 2013: “I do not think that this is the final decision of the board of directors and I expect the situation to change shortly. I am enjoying my holiday for now, but I hope things move forward pretty soon and the situation changes. I do not get upset about anything.”

July 31st 2013: “If someone says something, he should keep his word. I’m not saying it’s only about the transfer, but other things we have discussed with management and that has not materialised. It turns out that words spoken straight into my eyes were untrue. No matter how hard I will train and what I will do, the feeling that I’ve been cheated will still be there. Maybe that word is too much, so for now I will say I’m disappointed.”

August 24th 2013: “Yes, there was a situation like this with Jose Mourinho but I wouldn’t like to talk about it much. It was a private conversation so I don’t want to make big things out of it. I can confirm I spoke to him. We spoke a few times before. I have his number in my phone. It is a huge compliment for me that a manager with such a big name is texting me this way. It is always nice to talk to him but it is not the first time I had such a situation. One year earlier I also spoke to Sir Alex Ferguson and that was definitely a great feeling. The retirement of Sir Alex didn’t affect my decision not to come to England. He spoke to me one year ago. It was not at a good time. I knew I still had something big to achieve in Dortmund before I joined a bigger club.”

Septermber 25th 2013: When asked if he would confirm a move to Bayern in January, Lewandowski told Sport 1: “Yes, because I can officially sign the new contract in January. Right now, I can’t say anything. Normally, I can only reveal it officially in January. At this moment, it is still too early and we’ll have to wait a bit. But I think, I can leave in January.”

October 14th 2013: “I will be able to sign a contract in January, but I have never said that I will sign a contract with Bayern. It was a misunderstanding. It is true I had the opportunity to speak with Sir Alex Ferguson (last year), but we didn’t mention the transfer. One day I would like to play in the Premier League. It would be a great experience.”

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