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What is in store for Man United next season?

Manchester United, arguably one of the greatest Premier League teams, had a challenging 2014/15 season under Louis Van Gaal. It wasn’t a completely wasted season, for the club finished fifth in the face of all those damaging odds, but the writing was on the wall for Van Gaal. Now that Jose Mourinho has taken the job as manager, speculation is in abundance as to what the next Premier League season will have in store for the club, especially given the latest transfer news. From what can be gleaned, the club is going to look very different over the coming months.

Putting aside the many comparisons of Mourinho and Sir Alex Ferguson, it is the fresh blood being introduced that could be the key to Man Utd clawing their way back, not that it will be an easy feat for them. Still, it can’t do any harm to invest in new signings like Joshua Bohui, a young 17 year old striker presently at FC Brentford who has already made a name for himself despite his young age. During his time at the Bee’s youth team he scored two goals, and now at the U18 academy he has ended on the high of being their top scorer; taking into account these achievements, having a striker like this on United’s side can only prove beneficial.

Last season there was a significant lack of goals when they were sorely needed, but by having a passionate, eager to please player on their side could mean the goal totals all begin to add up. What is more, his age provides a lot of scope for his growth and development – it could take a couple of seasons before he’s truly at his peak, but honing talent such as his can go a long way to restore the team’s number one Premier League status.

But his isn’t the only youthful determination that could pave the way to glory: the Red Devil’s are also on their way to signing 23 year old Paul Pogba. Up until now the team has had to deal with a lot of rival clubs, such as Real Madrid, adding various offers into the mix, but now it seems they are the only ones left looking to claim the midfielder with a £100m offer. An impressive sum that will have punters and fans scrambling to have their say and voice their opinions at and other well known sites.

Regardless of whether the deal actually goes through, it further cements the notion that the next season is going to be all about reinvigorating the side, and ensuring experienced players come together with fresh talent to drive back future disappointment.

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