What is the London price difference? Chelsea, Arsenal, Tottenham Hotspur, QPR, Fulham and West Ham compete

*season ticket covers the 19 Premier League home matches plus a further seven cup credits (eligible for FA Cup or European competitions), so 26 matches in total

– The cheapest season ticket in London is Fulham, which is £586 cheaper than Arsenal’s least expensive, which is a 147% increase.

– Arsenal have the most expensive season ticket but, because of the cup games it includes, works out at £75 per game. Whilst Spurs’ most expensive season is less expensive, it only includes league games, so works out at a much more expensive £97 per game. Chelsea’s most expensive season ticket works out at £66 per game.

– The most you will pay for a West Ham season ticket is £850, which works out at £45 per game, which is the lowest top price of all the clubs in London.

– Whilst Fulham’s cheapest season ticket is less than any of the other London clubs, their top priced season ticket is more expensive than QPR and West Ham.

– There’s a difference of £100 between Arsenal’s cheapest and most expensive match day ticket. It’s hard to believe the match day experience from one seat is worth £100 more than any other seat in the ground. There’s a difference of £55 at Fulham, £49 at Tottenham, £46 at Chelsea, £31 at West Ham and £30 at QPR.

– For a pie, programme and a cuppa, it costs you £9.30 at Fulham, £9.20 at Spurs, £8.60 at Chelsea, £8.50 at West Ham, £8.30 at Arsenal and £8 at QPR. There’s a 16% difference in price between the cheapest and most expensive between the ground.

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