Why do people hate Chelsea?

The blogger from Chelsea Daft wrote an article attempting to answer why people hate Chelsea.

Whilst the main points were a jumbled mess of reasons why he personally wasn’t a glory supporter and how all Chelsea have done is mimic the spending of other clubs (obviously ignoring this), he struggled to produce even a semi coherent argument.

Regardless, it was his first go at writing for BFTGT, so I made all the grammatical changes required and gave him the benefit of the doubt. The picture I chose to accompany the article is the one to the left. Why? Because I felt that picture goes some way to answering why people hate Chelsea, therefore entirely relevant to the title of the article.

I have since been asked to delete the article because of the picture I chose by the blogger at Chelsea Daft. I published his ranty e-mail in its place but then threats of legal action from Chelsea Daft’s Twitter account appeared (but were then deleted).

It is fairly ironic that the blogger at Chelsea Daft did a better job of addressing why people hate Chelsea with his petulant response to a photo selected to go with his ramblings than he did with his original “article”.

So, in the absence of any article, we will fill this space with a picture montage of the reasons why people hate Chelsea… (I would include a logo for Chelsea Daft in this section, but the delicate little flower might threaten us with legal action again)

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