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Why Jose Mourinho Is To Blame For Wenger Shove

Anytime the fixture reads Arsenal versus Chelsea, the fans can always picture what to expect, a total onslaught on the pitch which may or may not result in a brawl between players from both ends of the divide. The last time both teams met was just few days ago and a couple of highlights still replay in the minds of several football fans. Apart from the magical effect that came from both Eden Hazard and Diego Costa’s goals, the biggest part of the show was when the Arsenal manager who was obviously dissatisfied with the challenge on one of his players decided to stroll over to an official at the other end of the coaches line, for him to reach the official, he’d have to pass through the home teams section.

It is still unclear how José Mourinho interpreted this action but the Portuguese was quick to move and repel Wenger’s advance, so the Frenchman shoved him and then as many guessed he would, retaliated. The match officials had to move in to pacify both managers as they continued to exchange words on the touchline. While fielding questions from reporters immediately after the match, Arsene Wenger insisted that he had nothing to regret but probably after he reconsidered his actions, the Gunner boss issued an apology but maintained that his counterpart at Chelsea antagonized him. Jose Mourinho has refused to issue further comments on this infamous occasion.

To really understand the nature of this altercation, we must analyse the history that both managers share. Jose Mourinho is widely known for his controversial comments not only in England but every country where he has plied his trade. At some time when he was with Italian giants Inter Milan, a fellow manager passed a comment on an upcoming match between his team and Mourinho’s only for the Portuguese to sarcastically deny his knowledge the manager’s existence. During his first spell at the English Premiership, it is well documented, the rows he had with erstwhile Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, former Liverpool boss, Rafa Benitez and also Arsene Wenger, in fact just a couple of months back, he labelled the Frenchman a specialist in failure. The Gunner boss calmly dealt with the comments and went on to win last season’s FA cup trophy which was actually his first in 9 years.

It is also important to note that to all of José Mourinho’s slighting comments on Wenger before the last meeting, the later had responded that he no longer listens to what the former says. Now, there is just a limit to what a man can take and at the height of an intense clash amongst two bitter rivals, as long as Wenger was not moving on Mourinho and it remains obvious that to get to the match official, he had no other choice than to pass through Mourinho’s section, then the Chelsea boss could just have let sleeping dogs lie.

Jose attempted to stall Wenger’s movement and the later shove him although he has now apologised, but it is still funny how a shove from a 64-year-old sent the Portuguese manager of Chelsea stumbling backwards.

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