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Wojciech Szczesny Arsenal Career Under Threat

The future of Wojciech Szczesny remains in doubt after reports claims that he has been informed that he can leave the club in the summer. The Polish goalkeeper has since lost his place to David Ospina after his errors against Southampton in the first match of the year led to a defeat. The errors were followed up by a foible in the team’s shower, when he smoked in the team’s shower after the match at the St. Mary’s. David Ospina has taken the reigns in the back stick and brought some calmness to an Arsenal back line that has not been used to such privileges this season. The Colombian has since kept three clean sheets in the last three matches and you can bet on him continuing as the number one goalkeeper unless he gets injured. Bet365 are already taking bets on Ospina maintaining his number one spot till the end of the season – you can use this bonus code for bet365 if you are a putter

What then are the repercussions for Wojciech Szczesny?

Firstly, I do not think he would be sold?  And the reasons for such is obvious. He was brought in by Arsene Wenger at a young age, 16 years to be precise in 2006, and Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal coaching staff have invested a lot in his development over the past nine years. And Arsene Wenger does not easily abandon any project of his after guiding such a player for a sometime. The Frenchman has a loyalty to his players that betrays a shred of ruthlessness he may have.

Although, it must be said that Wojciech Szczesny might have been a beneficiary of the club’s huge investment in youth players, his continuous battles with focus is rooted in his arrogance coupled with his cocky nature. Prior to his ascension to Arsenal’s first choice goalkeeper in December 2010 against Manchester United at Old Trafford, he was of the opinion that he was a better goalkeeper than Manuel Almunia and Lukas Fabianski without publicly declaring it. It is such arrogance rooted in a sense that he is better than the other lot that has caused him to lose focus several times. The last time he was dropped for Lukas Fabianski in March, 2013, he later pointed out that it was something he needed having struggled with focus and form at the time. Now the same situation has resurfaced this season which has caused his latest drop from the side.

Conversely, apart from the investment that has gone into him since he arrived at the club, there are several physical attributes he has that David Ospina lacks, which could be key in certain matches. He stands at 6ft 5in, and with his stature and height, he has a capacity to dominate his penalty box as he showed at Upton Park against West Ham. It is that lapses of concentration that has been a weak point in his game. That ability to dominate the penalty box is not something that can be expected of David Ospina. He is just 6ft, and he has a little stature. His only attempt to punch clear against Manchester City was not convincing, not because it was not well executed, but he lacked the height to generate a lift on the punch.

The names of Neto of Fiorentina might have been mentioned in dispatches as possible replacements for Wojciech Szczesny, but the reports that he could be out the door in the summer has little or no substance to it because it is not Arsene Wenger’s way to abandon a project.

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