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Yaya Sanogo Calls For Fans’ Support

Following Arsenal’s 2-0 defeat to Chelsea on Sunday, a loss that continued Arsenal’s trend of coming up second best in big games, injured striker Yaya Sanogo took to his official Facebook page to rally the fans after another disappointing defeat to Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea.

“Very disappointing afternoon at Stamford Bridge, but we don’t have to blame the team and specially the coach because it was a very close game.

“They scored with a penalty kick and in my opinion there was a handball for us but the referee didn’t see it.

“All the team did a good job but Chelsea won the game

“Stay behind us, the defeat is very disappointing for everybody but the season is not OVER!”

Eloquently put you would say, no doubt it is easy for any player to dash to a public forum to rally the fans after a disappointing defeat, it would have been best if the energy used to write epitaphs after a game is channeled into events on the field.

Arsenal players are always quick to call for support from fans after a defeat just like Aaron Ramsey did after the lethargic performance against Borussia Dortmund in September. Such talks especially after a dissapointing result is nothing more than seeking for mercy after death, and usually serve no purpose whatsoever.

It is not enough to talk, it is always cheap to do so, the onus lies on the players to exert their energies on the field to truly show the fans that they can do more on the field instead of the usual apologies and rallies of the fans after each disappointing defeat.

The players have never developed an attitude of matching words with action, before any big game, the official site is usually awashed with interview of players proclaiming that the match would be huge one to put things right. Yet in most cases, it does not turn out that way.

The Arsenal fans deserve better than just a calibrated apology or call for support after each defeat. The fans pays one of the highest tickets in the league and in Europe, and they have put up with several disappointing defeats over the years, and yet have stuck with the team all that time whether emotionally or financially. They deserve a team that can compete with the other big teams in the league and Europe, and not just the usual breakdown every season when the big games come around.

While, a player seeking to rally the fan base after a demoralizing defeat is nothing bad, which shows mental fortitude in the first place, the fans would rather not have to be rallied to support, but they would prefer a performance from the team instead that would crystallize immediate support from the fans, and not words of little significance after every defeat.

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