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Russell Adam Webb

Russell Adam WebbRussell is from Essex in the UK, spent 7 years in the British Army before moving to Czech Republic. Favourite football teams: St Etienne(FRA) , Chelsea (ENG), Torino (ITA) and Slovan Liberec (CZE).

Sam White

Sam White

Sam White is a writer and photographer from Manchester, UK. He is currently resident in Tokyo, Japan, where Premier League football is hugely popular. An eight or nine hour time difference can mean UK kick offs take place long after midnight, but as licensing laws are liberal, it all works fine.

For correspondence please visit www.upallnight.tokyo.

Tom Hooker

Tom Hooker

Born and raised in Nicaragua he finds joy in the simple things in life like hiking volcanoes, playing rugby, taking walks through tropical jungles and, of course, watching some quality football.
His favourite leagues are Barclays Premier League and La Liga, and he also follows Latin American leagues and teams from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and his home Nicaragua. Chelsea, Real Madrid, S.C. Corinthians and Boca Juniors are some of the teams Tom loves to follow.

Kurhula Baloyi
Kurhula Baloyi

My name is Kurhula Baloyi. I am a student and resident in Johannesburg, South Africa. I am extremely passionate about football hence why I’m constantly looking to absorb as much football knowledge as possible. I’m a Manchester City fan and I plan transfers and strategies on FIFA. My dream is to travel the world and watch games worldwide.

Vyom Chaudhary


Vyom is a die-hard Arsenal and Dennis Bergkamp fan for nearly 20 years. He lives and breathes the world game and can be found playing the latest FIFA or planning Arsenal’s strategy for the next season in his free time.

Wycliffe Osano

Wycliffe OsanoA resourceful writer and Kenyan Based Sports Journalist and Analyst. He covers global football and has a great will to be part of the generation that will improve Sports journalism. He is also a die hard Arsenal fan who admires everything about football.

Huzefah Haroon

ZefaArsenal supporter, too optimistic about this season, and still over the fence about Giroud. Doesn’t understand why Maradona’s hand goal is admired rather than criticised. A stickler for fair play.



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