Julen Guerrero López, the man who remained loyal to Bilbao

Julen Guerrero López (born 7 January 1974) is a Spanish retired footballer who played ONLY for Athletic Bilbao amassing amazing 400 official games. Ambidextrous, the attacking midfielder was mainly known for his skills and shooting ability. A Spanish international since 1993, he represented the nation at two World Cups, gaining 41 caps. On 27 January […]

The man they called “El Chopo”

José Ángel Iribar Cortajarena, nicknamed El Chopo, or “The Poplar” was born 1 March 1943 and is a Spanish retired football goalkeeper and manager. Having played almost exclusively for Athletic Bilbao, he appeared in more than 600 official games for the club over the course of 18 La Liga seasons, winning two major titles. Iribar […]

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