Look away now Chelsea/ Liverpool fans! Benitez in Chelsea gear

Rafael Benitez took his first Chelsea training session at Cobham this afternoon after arriving at the training ground at lunchtime to meet with the staff and players.

He took control of a high-intensity practice ahead of Sunday’s game against Manchester City at Stamford Bridge, where he is expected to be greeted with a chorus of boos.

6 Comments on "Look away now Chelsea/ Liverpool fans! Benitez in Chelsea gear"

  1. sick and wrong!

  2. come on everyone deserves a second chance except benetiz. ooops slight slip there. lets get behind him and cheer him all the way to the exit door with our boot up hes arse.

  3. forgot to add on your way out take that silly sod torres with you. i have hes perfect replacement. although you wont have heard of him and he only plays for happy valley hornets is blind in one eye and cant run very fast due to only having one leg he still score more goals than that silly ***********

  4. Well, he has been out of work for a while and no doubt he’s getting a princely sum for just 6 months work. Chelsea are clutching at straws thinking that he can somehow get out of Torres what he first got nearly 4 years ago. the fact is, Torres played badly under Benitez for quite a while before his eventual sale for a ridiculous sum of money. Some good men have tried to help get Torres back on form and they have all failed. I do not think Benitez will succeed where such august predecessors have failed.

    Chelsea are a joke, constantly changing good managers who have won titles including the very highest available. I hope they win absolutely nothing as well as go out of the CL at this group stage. They deserve nothing more!

  5. Sam Scott’s just trying to start trouble ? Because he is a SCUMBAG MANC TWAT 😉 all mancs are LOOTERS !!! Fact

  6. Chelsea fans are unbelievable . He is a top manager and knows torres anc his game. Ambeamovich dont want to cross out £50m just yet! You will be kissing his goatie when he sorts Torres out. Plastic as usual

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