Jun 172013

The North West Motorway Police were today guilty of having a pop at Liverpool FC for their lack of silverware.

The Merseyside club, who have seen their title record over taken by Manchester United over the past few season, now winning 20 to Liverpool’s 18, are now a poor relative to their Mancunian rivals. This season, they finished 28 points behind United, and the season before they finished 37 points behind the Manchester clubs.

Liverpool’s last trophy came in 2012, when they beat Championship side Cardiff City on penalties to win the League Cup. Before that, their last trophy was the 2006 FA Cup.

  4 Responses to “Motorway Police dig out Liverpool FC for lack of silverware”

  1. last trophy 2006 ? 5th European cup 2008 we keep that one !!

  2. Clearly your commical virtues are wasted on this porn site. is this desperation already realising it wont be a title next season for the mancs

  3. Yeah, no silverware – not like we are the most successful club in England or anything.

    Oh, wait a minute…

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