PICTURE: Manchester City FA Cup Winners 2013 badge

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  1. A bit like your ’20’ tshirts last season you plum. How did that turn out by the way?

    • Stevi – You do realise we’ve just won our 20th title, right? So it turned out alright in the end. Thanks for asking 🙂

    • Keep shut,idiot stevi,didnt we win it.

      • Read my comment again you plum! The Tshirts were being sold 5 weeks before the end of LAST SEASON. I’ve done the last bit in capitals for you and Scott and the rest of you hard of thinking rags. HTH!

        Congratulations Wigan by the way!

        • Stevie – You asked how it turned out? Well it turned out with us winning the 20th title, so alls well that ends well.

          City will become the first team in the history of the FA Cup to lose to a team that gets relegated in the same year. People slag City off for buying success… but they can’t even manage that 🙂

  2. Ha Ha that went a bit tits up then.
    I had to laugh when I saw that hacking Italian Zabeletta get sent off. I new then it’s time for a bit of Italian icecream some Zaboline
    It was a lost cause regardless of possession.
    As for the best English goalkeeper flapping haplessly at the header, yikes.
    David de Gea would have saved that.
    Where was ex Evertonian oft Jack Rodwell much also rumoured as a United target.
    I think I will stick with Jonny Evan’s, Chris Smalling, Phil Jones, and our elder statesmen Rio Ferdinand and the rock; Nemanja Vidic.

  3. He’s not Italiano…he’s Argentine…Well done Wigan…see you in the charity shield!!

  4. I guess Sheik Mansour can afford a ceremonial meltdown. Typical Bitters act, assumption before brains.

    The blue side of Manchester is certainly VERY quiet but wait for later today, the most important British Football comes home and what a day of celebration that will be.

    A great opportunity to say goodbye and thank you to Sir Alex Ferguson for 26 years of bliss.

  5. Hes from argentina you virgin

  6. United to celebrate tomorrow while city cry for trophyless,remember last season na.LOLZ

  7. Faith Evaporated | May 11, 2013 at 11:38 pm | Reply

    Haha, hey citeh. What happen at wem-ber-ley? You no win!!!
    Congrats to Wigan, fully deserved.

  8. Does that means that Moyes will have a better chance of winning his first trophy in aug since we are playing in the Charity Shield?
    Like the odds immensely …

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