VIDEO: Arsenal players still like RvP… even if the fans don’t!

Van Persie/André Santos @SpheraChannel by SpheraChannel

Whilst Arsenal fans responded to Robin van Persie like a bunch of bitter ex-girlfriends, it appears as though the players at his former club are more forgiving.

“Robin, you’re a c*nt” and “Robin van Persie, you know what you are” (?) were sung loudly from the stands, as well as replacing his name with Santi Cazorla’s for the song they used to sing for Van Persie.

It appears as though the players and manager don’t hold a grudge though. Ahead of kick-off, Jack Wilshere and co. shook hands with and embraced Van Persie’s before Andre Santos asked for his shirt at half-time. Arsene Wenger was also seen hugging the player as they walked to the tunnel, at that stage, with Van Persie’s goal the only thing separating the two sides.

2 Comments on "VIDEO: Arsenal players still like RvP… even if the fans don’t!"

  1. Like the father like the son – Wenger and Santos – both tactically and positionally inept. Both should be gone as soon as possible. Van Persie was right to leave the sinking ship… like all the others before him Cesc, Nasri, Henry to name a few… Sagna, Jack, Santi soon to follow.

  2. Roland C Rozario | November 3, 2012 at 5:42 pm | Reply

    I am a Gunners supporter but without any doubt Van Persie is the best
    See his positioning, his strikes, his moves!!

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