VIDEO: Did Chelsea deserve to go down to nine men?

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  1. The game is a fucking joke. I am a LFC fan for 40 years, a Liverpool fan. The game has no credibility.

    Liverpool denied a winner and many dubious decisions.

    Watched United Chelsea game. This is my summary.

    3 incorrect decisions, 2 directly contraindication, a clear offside winner.

    M.C. take a buoy my son, stick your arse in the air so all through football fans can give you a good hard show where you deserve it.

    The other thing is English people must wake up, I am Irish by the way, we had Mother Thirese commentating today, could be anyone else, says, Chelsea did not have the bounce of the ball, he knows they were robbed, have a lot of respect for what he has done, but he either needs to ngrow a pair of b… or fuck off and do something else.

    Same for all other other BBC, UTV, SKY, watch Graham Souness on Irish TV and he is to the point and cutting, but he knows that gig wont be accepted on general British TV.

    These guys are full of shit as are the media and people running the game.

    Chelsea should be seething as should all trough football fans, bar united who are only interested in themselves.

    Listen to Evans talking verbal direa now.

  2. I only have to say one thing,this is not because chelsea football club fail to beat man united,no it is so clear that english football is nonsence i the football federation should cancel any competion to be in england thank you.

  3. Before the game I had a feeling the ref would help to defeat Chelsea.True to form,he did it.The first red card was deserved but to send Torres off was ridiculous.
    You look at Terry’s ban. Is it a coincidence? I tell you what. The FA are in cahoots with the refs to help red faced to perpetuate his winning run.By sending off Torres,it gave red faced a significant advantage because the spanish is a striker .As for Terry,his absence made the job of scoring easier for the red faced.
    Red faced has found it tough in the cl becuase the refs seldom give him decisions in his favour.That is why even if he gets to the cl final,he will lose.

  4. As a Chelsea fan I have to say it was probably the right decision for both sendings off, Ivanovic is a no brainer and Torres was already heading down before Evans touched him….

    Hernandez goal was offside but at the time I never claimed offside and to be fair it wouldve been impossible for the linesman to see it due to the speed of play after the goal line clearance from Cech.

    We had our fair share of luck last year with Messis and Robbens penalty misses, Matas ghost goal against Spuds and the Carroll goal that was disallowed.

    Today is what Uniteds turn and fair play they took advantage, the Blues will be back next week though, I was soo impressed by the way we came back from 2-0 down.

  5. I wish the FA institutes disciplinary measures on referees as in my home country Ghana. This man at the center deserve to be suspended for the rest of the season. He needs further training

  6. The ref won the game for MU.

  7. Evidently,chelsea dont deserve 2 go down 2 9 men. They got their rethym late resulting in 2 early goals by van persie(good goals no dout),but after that,it was chelsea all the way.Today,i feel so proud 2 b a true blues fan. The eFA doesnt like the blues,but will always favour manU against tough oppositions.Last sesson howard webb had 2 bring them back into the game,same ref had 2 come in 4 them again.Just as ashley cole rightly said b4 he was forced 2 appologise,the fa are a bunch of fools.The epl is the worst league in the world. Thay can’t b guilty of match fixing(2 red cards and offside goal)when they are judge and jury. Should rmd shout foul play,the same fools will charge him 4 misconduct. The fa thinks world is blind 2 their antics. Since its all about manU,i will not watch any manU epl match this season except the return match.

  8. Pls if fifa do not sent the refree that blow against chelseafc and man u on the whole season suspension,then fifa are not worth 2 be a true football disciplinary body.and if nobody can purnish them God will surely purnish them 4 securing this win 2 man u. Take a look at the game, u will c that man u don’t even qualify 2 win chelsea. Sha… we chelsea fans tank God becos despite d 2mans down chelsea still took d possession of d game .that ref must b purnish with any body dat has hand in this coup. Ha…is too open. GOD forbid

  9. The first was a red card but only by FA rules , so lets explore this.

    Striker cuts across defender, slight/minimal accidental touch , trying to get out of way. RESULT : Defender sent off.

    Torress going through, full on direct challenge with intent, direct contact : So you assume defender sent off. NO. Striker second yellow for DIVING, defended admitted contact after match, coming from front on.

    What can SAFF say, and the first f you make up, did he go down too easy, could he have stayed up, could he have floated over it, NOT same as slight accidental touch from Chelsea player who was cut across.

    System stinks, United too much FA influence, game becoming non contact, media full of shit and just looking for broad appeal and pay cheque.

    Geme is actually dying.

  10. I dnt care anymore,´fuck man-u fuck the referees….

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