Arsene Wenger Explains Why Arsenal Were Not Able to Sign a Striker

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed that he is aware of the Gooners frustrations after recent fixtures which led to Arsenal losing points which can cost the a title.

Giving his reasons after the frustrating match against Southampton, Wenger admitted that he is aware of his goal-shy squad and was on the last month to sign striker but his efforts never bore any fruits.

Wenger said: “If you knew a world-class striker who could have strengthened our team, you should have told me before the transfer deadline was over.”

“They do not walk in the street and say “please, here is a world-class striker, can you take me? They are all at big clubs and are under contract. There were none available.”

The Frenchman, however, remained so confident that his squad is still well-served with good player who can score goals

“If tonight we think a miracle man could have scored the goal for us, I think its better we think how can we score the goals with the players we have,” he added.
“We can score goals, we have shown that before.”

The £7 million signing of Mohamed Elneny represented the Gunners only deal last month and it’s expected that Wenger will try to sign new striker in the summer.

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