Jose Mourinho

Cesc Fabregas reveals the real reason why Chelsea sacked Jose Mourinho

It’s been a difficult season for Chelsea. The reigning Champions of England sacked their manager just half a year after lifting the Premier League after a shocking start to this season. Many experts, journalists and media sources have spoken out about the situation and now Cesc Fabregas has had his say.

Cesc reckons the Portuguese manager lost his job because he trusted the squad too much. Fabregas reckons that Jose allowed them to relax too much and trusted the squad to maintain their own concentration and fitness levels. Fabregas admits that they didn’t do enough to support him:

“The whole team has, all of the players, and that was the main reason why he had to go. For that, myself and the rest of the team, we feel bad for that.”

Mourinho maintains that the players let him down, an opinion shared by many of the Chelsea fans who voiced their discontent from the stands after the sacking. Jose is now odds-on favorite to take the helm at Manchester United next season which would make for a juicy grudge-match against his old club.

Despite a mini-revival under Guus Hiddink, too many draws means Chelsea will finish outside of the European places for the first time in quite a few years. Leicester and Tottenham are the unlikely pair battling it out for Premier League glory. Fabregas also said who he wants to win:

“I think Spurs are pushing as hard as they can to get as close to them as possible but I think Leicester will win it and deservedly so. I don’t want Spurs to win it! For what has happened through the season, I would love Leicester to win the Premier League.”

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