PICTURE: Former Arsenal captain wears Manchester United’s armband

Manchester United earned their first win of the pre-season when they beat Australian A-League All Stars 5-1 in front of 84,000 fans in Sydney.

Robin van Persie was a second half substitute for United and scored the fifth goal of the game after youth products Jesse Lingard and Danny Welbeck scored the earlier four goals.

Patrice Evra was replaced by Fabio da Silva in the second half and gave the captain’s armband to Van Persie.

30 Comments on "PICTURE: Former Arsenal captain wears Manchester United’s armband"

  1. Fuck RvP.

  2. he is a real captain. ARSENAL do u miss him? yes u do.

    • who told u we miss hm! arsenal finsh top 4 with out him, infact scorin more goals than wen he was there

  3. Fuck arsenal

  4. Nice to see that …Cesc will do same GGMU


  6. RVP is on his own. He is a forgone arsenal player.

  7. Good to see such intelligent conversation going on! RvP is a natural captain and leader. He’ll a manager one day. Hopefully for ManUtd, but maybe for ARSEnil.
    So watch what you say about him fans!

  8. CescForeverGooner! | July 20, 2013 at 3:37 pm | Reply

    £25m for a 30yr old crock. Take that every day of the week!

    Become invincibles and we’ll talk.
    NO-HAS but Arsenal.
    Every year a team wins a title, a champions Lge etc.,
    But only ONE team is iNViNCBLE

    Until you do that – Fuck off Manc Mugs and keep buying your trophies!

    • living in the past much? important sure vp is much happier with winning the PL THIS year than playing for a team who were once invincible and can only hope for 2 things year on year, top 4 and finishing above spurs. then celebrated like you’ve won something. fucking deluded

  9. lol , Cesc Will never been a mecenary the RVP turned out to be. And ahem Rooney should be wearing the Arsenal armband at some point too.

  10. You can’t even write a correct sentence..Arsenal guy are intelligent so stop the bullshit and go back to school.

  11. U guys shld write meaningful tins here… Invincible my ass… Juventus were also unbeaten for a season. Who ended d invincible run… Man Utd, who has won d league more… Man Utd, who has more market value, trophies, player value… Man Utd, d only english club to produce a world best player… Man Utd… What else?

    • Invincibles? Woo. Only English team to win the Treble. World Player of the year. And unlike Arsenal, we don’t sell off our best players to our biggest rivals. I mean, RvP, Cesc, Nasri, Clichy? Who is next, the Ox? Walcott? Wilshere? All three? Hope so. Goobers fans need to stock up on some dusting spray, that cabinet is going to get thicker and thicker.

      • How is the weather in Cornwall glory hunter

      • You don’t sell your best players??? How’s good old ronaldo going…. Or Beckham… Or hell even tevez…. You might not sell your best players as frequently as us but you still do

    • Yeah with a dive by Rooney…. Idiot

      Oh and great spelling by the way

  12. Fuck Van persie and Man u

  13. Gunners will be coming out strong watch out!

  14. This is our season 4 life.

  15. utd 4 life!!!!! | July 20, 2013 at 7:19 pm | Reply

    i hate arsenal with all my hrt….

  16. RVP a real captain. Small minded selective amnesia. He spent as much time on treatment table as on field and his ambitions were met when he hardly played signing contract after contract. Turncoat worse than frank stapleton and adebayor combined

  17. Well he does play for United lol
    Why was this written?

  18. You need to watch out for the spurs fans infiltrating Gooner blogs

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