PICTURE: Liverpool fan gets ‘Munich 58’ tattoo after Manchester United defeat

Following Manchester United’s 2-1 win on Sunday, one Liverpool fan didn’t take the result too well, and resorted to getting ‘Munich 58’ tattooed on his backside.

As if this was strange enough behaviour, he then took a photograph of it and posted the picture on Twitter. He has since deleted his Twitter account.

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  1. so sorry dont let the idiots spiol two top clubs

  2. Ur one sick b****** Shame on u

  3. As a Liverpool fan, I hope this idiot has bad things come his way!!
    We (fans of clubs) all have idiots who don’t realise that some things do trump football and rivalries, such as the loss of life! Especially when we have been through so much ourselves. The majority of our fans are not like this, like I accept the majority of your fans aren’t morons too. But it’s amazing how much damage just a few idiots can do to the reputation of our club, especially in this day and age of the ‘internet warrior’. Even the tattoo artist who agreed to this is a f@*kin moron!!
    Also shows how stupid the world is becoming. Empathy and sympathy have been lost somewhere along the way

    • I knew there were some decent Liverpool fans somewhere on this earth.

      • Its idiots like that who cause unnecessary ‘unhealthy’ rivalry between football fans ! Hope that he and the moron who assisted him both rot in hell !

      • Darryl, to make a sweeping statement like that about Liverpool supporters is absolutely ridiculous. We have just as many idiots as Liverpool. Fortunately they are in the minority. I can see that Jay is above all a football fan who supports Liverpool. I am the same, but support United. I don’t hate Liverpool, just want United to beat them every time. To stereotype all Liverpool supporters is odious.

    • Good to see someone with some sense…

      Humanity should over shadow any sporting rivalry and idiots who don’t agree give everyone else a bad name.

      Shocking behavior!!!

  4. This guy is an embarassment to mankind let alone LFC (LFC fan here).Nothing about that is about supporting Liverpool or infact humanity. If he wants to have something on his body that is a constant reminder of being a failure… well done, otherwise…twat.

  5. Sometimes I find it difficult to fathom the stupidity of some of our (Liverpool’s) supporters. But what can we do. Guess both our clubs have some decent folk following them and some bell-ends.

  6. Liverpool fan here, sorry to see this idiot doing this. Also shows him and the illiterateTattoo arsstist don’t know which way the apostrophe goes. It’s ass backwards,
    sorry for all the puns.

  7. Idiot. Moron. Brain dead. First class gobs*ite. How can anybody go ahead and do this is beyond me. You’re not worthy to follow a great club like Liverpool and certainly not good enough to take a swipe at a great club like Man Utd. You’re pure SCUM !! Get a f*ckin life you good for nothing piece of thrash. We’d be appaled at other fans singing songs about Hillsborough and Heysel. The thought of a fellow Liverpool fan doing this sicken me.

    • you mean like 70,000 people singing murderers for 95 minutes?

      I don’t condone what this idiot has done what so ever, but please do not go on your hands and knees to that lot begging for forgiveness after their fans performance on Sunday.

  8. As a Liverpool fan, let alone a human being, I absolutely condemn scum like this. They have no place at my club, nor any other public place with their vile contempt for anything decent. Clearly he craves a reaction and in contributing a comment here he is getting just what he wants yet sickening slime like this intellectual midget must be countermanded and challenged.
    People like this cretin do walk alone, believe me. For what it’s worth, on behalf of the great legion of ordinary decent people who follow Liverpool, I offer my sincere apologies to every United fan.

  9. What a dope.

    Obviously he doesn’t represent Liverpool supporters on iota.

  10. Sorry but having listened to the chanting at old Trafford on Sunday I find it hypocritical in the extreme.And for the record I totally condemn what this moron has done and anyone that chants about dead people of any club.Why don’t united do anything about their own fans chanting? The clubs need to make a stand and ban these people for life.

    • 40 years head start on us though haven’t u?? Google Liverpool fans and Munich 58 and ur inundated do the same with united and hillsbrough and there’s nothing!! Now I wonder why that is. But it doesn’t fit ur agenda does it??

  11. As a united fan, i hope all fans irrespective of club supported take this in the same way.

    The bloke is just an idiot!

    You get them in every fan base!

  12. He’s not a Liverpool fan. He’s just a scumbag that any real fan would disown in a heartbeat. Most fans would I’m sure support legal action being taken against this prick. Please do not use this to incite unreasonable escalation of stupid bitterness (as opposed to healthy rivalty) between the two clubs. Each set of supporters has it’s own moronic element that all true supporters detest.

  13. What a fu*king tool!

    Glad to see all of you Poolfans giving him the shit he deserves. The rivalry between our clubs should be about respect for each other. Sing some shit during the matches, without touching Munich or Heysel, and then be respectful og each other outside the stadium!

  14. What an idiot, considering his name has been revealed he will be looking over his shoulder. A loss is a loss, 3 points lost is nothing in the whole scheme of things despite our rivalry. By all means call us all the names in the world, but don’t disrespect the dead like that, if your family was in a plane crash how would you feel then? Prat.

    As a United fan, my gratitude goes out to the Liverpool fans who have poured scorn on this twat’s attitude

  15. wow as a seasond tattooist,that tat2ist has no morals,he did it for cash…u wanker….wat did u earn 50 quid u looser…i hate football,but respect them that do.it was family they lost that day u prik…hope they find u you muppet…..as for the ass wi the tat2,…gud luk findin a gud tat2ist to remove that shit..hope he man u fan u prik…

  16. I remember a Man U supporter doing something unforgivable as this, I only make reference to it because that sub human person was hunted down and made to wish he hadn’t. I hope this animal gets the same treatment. This person does not hold LFC in his heart and he walks alone!

  17. Lfc fan here and you are a total bell-end. You can walk alone idiot.

  18. As a Liverpool fan, I would like to apologise to football fans everywhere on behalf of this absolute cretin. Bloody disgrace – hope he gets some bad karma.

  19. What I do not understand is why he got it on his face

  20. Firstly the headline should read Fan, not fans, do not think for one minute this scum bag represents LFC or it’s fans, he most certainly does walk alone.

  21. this is just one fan, and not fans as the title suggest.
    I am a LFC fan myself, and I am appalled that someone can do this. I guess every fan base has their share of idiots.

  22. This behaviour makes me sick and there is no excuse for it at all.

    No one who is real LFC fan would stain the reputation of the club and it’s fans like that. This guy is a moron who will be disowned by all LFC fans who have any sense of self respect.

    The first thing that anyone with self respect understands is that there is nothing more important than the lives of family and loved ones no matter where you come from or who you follow.

    If you can’t respect that in others you can’t respect it in yourself.


  23. A true Liverpool fan here and did here some unpleasant chanting at old Trafford on sunday, dont condone it from anyone, Pool or utd and idiots like this should be banned for life, should be easy to identify

  24. Sorry! what a twat!


  26. Absolutely disgusted. I am a Liverpool fan but this guy does not know what it means to support a team

  27. I’m glad some good came of all this foolishness. It’s nice to read the comments of real fans after this clown placed a permanent reminder of his stupidity on his rear. As a Liverpool supporter I’d like to think all LFC fans think like I do. Obviously that is not the case.

  28. I’m a Liverpool fan and I’m disgusted. Paul Mccabe walks alone.

  29. PS. my concluding statement is in relation to the idiots tattoo!

  30. I disagree with u guys I was at old toilet on Sunday and sat with united fans the whole stadium was singing “it’s never your fault, always the victims”, what and that’s ok???

    • That song is about the atrocious handling of the suarez affair you delusional moron. Is it evras fault he got that tattoo as well? Yeah some united fans ruined it for the rest of us with inappropriate chanting but it just shows all clubs have ‘fans’ who should be banned for life. Now get back to being a mediocre side and dig out your history books.

    • that was aimed at suarez you bafoon! and haisel… innocent in that too?

  31. What a pain in the s … Talk about cutting off your nose to spite his face. Good to see more or less universal condemnation of this idiocy. Football is about banter it’s about pride, not this .

  32. what a scouse wanker low life scumbag

  33. As a lifelong liverpool supporter I am disgusted at this moronic low life scum who regards getting a tattoo to celebrate the tragic death of 58 people including some of the greatest young footballers of their time as something to be proud of . All you do is bring shame on supporters the city and a great football club . I hope you get everything you deserve . the club should identify you and ban you from ever setting foot in a football ground again . Yes there is a bitter rivalry between liverpool and united but the scum who use the death of innocent people in songs to taunt their rivals should be identified by all decent fans and banned for life .

  34. Is that his smelly arse we’re looking at? eeek!

  35. Utter scumbag who clearly does not respect himself or anyone else. As a Liverpool supporter, I condemn this fool and his actions. The idiot will carry that rubbish with him for the rest of his life, presumably. Hope it hurt like hell having it done.

    RIP, those that perished in the Munich air disaster .. your memory lives on in all true football supporters.


  36. Son of a bitch

  37. well he has brought it to an all time low..how dare he call himself a liverpool fan…i hope it goes septic and eats his arse away…i only seen this when a friend who supports united put it up..more amunition for them to throw at the pool..i can honestly say as a liverpool fan that this discusts me and i think real pool fans will think the same..

  38. Oh my word! What an idiot.

    All I can do is apologise for the behaviour of this fool, as Liverpool fan I can not understand how idiotic this fool is.

    Forget being a FAN of a Club, this guys not even fit to be called a Human Being.

    Only a heart felt apology and removal of that stupid tattoo is acceptable now, until then this prat most definitely WALKS ALONE!

    So sorry to anyone who has been upset or offended by this guy.

    LFC supporter of 30 years, YNWA.


    I dont like Utd, but I do have a lot of respect for them, and all clubs have a few idiots, lets not let them ruin OUR BEAUTIFUL GAME!

    Enjoy the banter, but with respect.

  39. This is a step too far, im a liverpool fan, half of my mates are mancs and half are scousers, when the football is on all we do is rip into each other and have abit of banter but no one would ever make a joke of munich or the 96, nothing wrong with banter but no need to take it to a un humane level

  40. Absolute idiot

  41. These idiots cannot be allowed to besmirch the millions of great supporters of both clubs.

    YNWA the Munich th 96 and ALL deaths at football disasters

  42. Son of a bitch. YOU WILL NEVER WIN ANYTHING

  43. I’m an LFC fan for 40yrs and morons like this make me feel ashamed that we let them associate with football and in particuler the club I adore.
    Since his name is known we should petition LFC and if he is a season ticket holder we should get him banned from the ground, this would show UTD that we as LFC fans really do mean we show support with action also and do not just talk the talk, I’m gonna look into it and see if I can start one on Facebook. These people who tarnish our game have no right to do anything in the name of our respective clubs. I apologise on behalf of all LFC fans.
    RIP all those who died in football tragedies

    • That is brilliant – what a great idea. As a Liverpool fan of 51 years I’d certainly support that. YNWA.

    • I am a Manchester United Fan, I agree, I think we should all do this and ban the idiots that give us all a bad name from our grounds. They say they are die hard fans but no of it has anything to do with support football or any of the great teams that take part.

      I’m all for rivalry but some people have to take it too far. There should be consequences for there actions.

      If you create a Facebook page then please add me, I am happy to support and I believe this should be for all teams where fans recognise the scum with in our ranks that give the rest of us a bad name.

  44. On behalf of every single TRUE lfc fan I’d like to say sorry to every single mufc fan. This is not the view of us or our great club, it’s is the view of 1 moronic, small minded, deadbeat who should never be allowed within 100 miles of our clubs. Huge apologise. RIP MUFC MUNICH 58

  45. What a sad, pathetic embarrassment to Humanity. What a sad, pathetic embarrassment to Liverpool Football Club.

    As a Liverpool fan I feel I should apologise for that tosser. Sorry, Mancs.

  46. KFC fan.agree with carllfc let’s get this scum banned from a field .he is not a football fan

  47. Spelt lfc wrong although am also a KFC fan.

  48. What a total waste of a human being to do such a thing, cannot be a true Liverpool supporter, then at least he should have know what the 96 means to us.

  49. I love Liverpool no matter the hard times our players proved there worth.

  50. This guy is clearly not a football fan, but a complete droog.

  51. It just shows that there are always idiots out there. im a big liverpool fan and of course i hate man utd. But i hate it in a sporting way, its a hatred of competition not malice. fans like this give us all a bad name and noone wants to see that.

  52. What a complete idiot! I bet he’s not even Scouse this fella.

  53. The bloke who got this tattoo is clearly a knob.

    However, the poster of the blog is little better. Scott spends most days trawling twitter and the net looking for negative stuff to post about any of Man U’s rivals. On Sunday he created a posting on his Republik of Mancunia website saying the word “Munich” was trending on twitter in Liverpool before the game.

    When it was pointed out that people were using it in reference to Bobby Charlton and his hosting of the hillsborough families and that it was positive use not negative he ignored it. He was asked to produce the actual tweets something he has done before when he has been stirring up trouble with liverpool or Chelsea fans. He couldn’t because they don’t exist.

    By all means have a go at the bloke with the tat but don’t think for one second that the poster is anything but a pathetic bitter and twisted Man U fan looking to stir up trouble.

  54. What a knobhead he is…am a pure Liverpool fan and I would never sing or get a tattoo like that its just wrong..was brought up to respect people alive or dead….we will always get knobheads that sing some horrible stuff…not just at Liverpool or man untd there at every team in all divisions….ive got loads of manc mates and we all love the banter with footy…ever had man untd mates buying the 96 song that got number 1 for crimbo…so it shows that there is proper nice people out there..but there’s also some nasty pieces of work to..he will regret getting that tattoo on his arse..maybe not now but he will…if that was my son that done that..he would have got a proper crack of me..

  55. Shame on these people ..they should learn that football is just a sport and I understand how it feels loosing to a rival but this kind of behaviour is very shameful
    These people should have some brains
    he doesn’t deserve to be a football fan

  56. A complete idiot……..And I support Liverpool. People like this just don’t know what it means to support such great clubs or how to represent their club as a supporter. I gracefully accepted Sunday’s defeat………..then went home and cried like a baby 🙁

  57. Haha….I hope it gets infected….giving the reds a bad name dickhead

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