Arsenal to complete more signings before deadline day ends?

It has been one of the most memorable transfer windows in years, and not just because of Neymar’s record breaking move to Paris St Germain, but it’s not over till it’s over, and there are still a number of deals to be closed.

The Gunners are at the centre of the action. What will become of Perez and Sanchez? And who will they sign? There are still rumours flying around that West Brom’s Jonny Evans’ predicted move to Man City is by no means a foregone conclusion and he could be heading for North London. Meanwhile, if Sanchez goes to Manchester City, there is every chance that the deal might involve Raheem Sterling. From further afield, PSG’s Julian Draxler has been put forward as a name on Wenger’s last minute shopping list.

The betting hots up

As we move into the final hours, interest among the bookmakers traditionally shifts for one last time away from the latest round of matches and back to the topic that has been drowning out all others. With more punters than ever eager to place bets on who will go where, a large variety of new football betting sites are appearing online, offering an equally varied range of odds.

Of the three names mentioned above, Sterling and Evans are seen as the more probable movers, with both being quoted at 4/1 for a move to Arsenal. Draxler has long been touted as a likely signing, and earlier in the year was seen as a 3/1 shot, but the odds have lengthened significantly since then.

Who will sign?

There are compelling arguments in favour of all three. Probably the neatest solution would be for the Gunners to cut a deal with Man City over Sanchez, taking Sterling plus cash in return. It would answer two questions in one fell swoop, and would potentially help Wenger gain some credibility after what many fans, not to mention former players, have seen as financial mismanagement over recent signings.

Jonny Evans is an undeniable talent, but to secure his services will necessitate an eleventh-hour bidding war with Manchester City. Given that the media are already sharpening their knives over the fate of Lucas Perez, who has gone from £17 million star signing to £4 million bargain clearance striker in the space of a year, it is questionable whether Wenger will have the stomach for the fight.

In many respects, Julian Draxler is the most intriguing possibility. The 23-year-old midfielder has talent by the bucketload but given a certain high profile signing, there are question marks over how much action he will see at PSG in the coming season. French website Le 10 Sport suggests Arsenal have put forward an offer of £32 million.

However, Liverpool are also rumoured to be in the mix and could present a more attractive proposition for the German international. Even Arsenal legend Ian Wright has questioned whether Draxler would really want to move to Arsenal.

Whatever happens, deadline day is underway, so we will soon have all the answers.

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