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Arsenal Insider – Arsenal MORE LIKELY To Sign Marco Reus Than Benzema

If you believe Myles Palmer, who is quite similar with some insider Arsenal stories, Arsenal may be on the verge of signing Marco Reus rather than the widely reported move for Karim Benzema.

In the last few days, Arsenal have been linked with a move for Karim Benzema and although there have been reports here and there that Arsenal are interested in Reus, the reports of Karim Benzema’s interest has been move tensed than that of Reus.

As a matter of fact, many media outlets are reporting Karim Benzema as Wenger’s main striker target with some relible people claiming Wenger is unlikely to move for any other attacker this transfer window if he cannot get Benzema.

Myles Palmer however thinks thats way off the Mark. According to him, Arsenal directors agree Benzema’s signing will be difficult and although they are still trying to get the Frenchman, they are more sure of getting Reus and are just letting things play out.

Although Reus is not an out and out striker, it is believed he can play as a top striker or as a supporting striker, ala Robin Van Persie.

Palmer who claimed to be getting information from his friend in Ireland ( how that works with Arsenal in England I do not know ) claims Arsenal’s chances of getting Reus is great considering Reus is great pals with Ozil.

Make of that what you would

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