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The Championship Is Won With Small Plays

I am a member of “Y” generation. The reason why we are called “Y” is that we like to ask “why?”. However, my generation ignores something. “Why?” question is a kind of result, so we should ask “How?” question. This is because, “how” question tells us the process. We often ignore “the process”. Today, I am going to ask “How is the championship won with small plays?”.

GS – Akhisar

Galatasaray played against Akhisar Belediyespor. In the first half, the visiting team Akhisar was ahead of the game with 2-0. Even they scored the second goal after their right-back Miguel Lopes was shown red card. In the second half, Galatasaray equalised the score. In the 49th minute, Fernando made a great shot, and in the 51st minute, Gomis scored a goal with the great assist of Ndiaye. Gomis’s red card made GS shocked, but after 2 minutes, Belhanda scored GS’s third goal. The last goal of GS came from Feghouli.

Last week, I tried to explain how GS is a derby-poor team. They are terrible when they play against bigger teams. However, this week GS is the leader of the score board. Besiktas, that dominated GS last week, didn’t manage to defeat Kayserispor. That’s why, I am turning back the title.

Simple Logic

I think there is a simple logic here. Small teams park the bus when they play against big teams. When this is the case, big teams need some creativity because small teams get used how to defend.

Bigger teams attack when they play against less big teams. Bigger teams play their normal attack game, but less big teams don’t get used how to defend. That’s why, bigger teams can defeat them easily than small teams.


I have told before that world football is divided into two parts. When we watch the games (especially EPL), the gap of the possession rates are too high, so we have some questions to understand and solve the problem.

Why is world football locked?
How do footballers feel when they are on the pitch?
How should managers follow a path?
How is it changed?
How must it be the next step?
How will football tactics transform?

My generation has started to take to the stage. They should ask “How?” rather than “Why?” Who enhance world football will be “Y” generation. I hope that Turkey cares young people more.

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