Chelsea’s New Signing “I Want To Be The Best”

Despite having one of his worst seasons as a professional footballer in Europe during his season-long loan deal at Old Trafford, Chelsea’s latest signing, Radamel Falcao has given fans much to hope for next season.

Falcao, who is currently in his country’s squad in Chile, host of this year’s Copa America, has revealed how he plans to breathe life back into his career with his season-long loan move to Chelsea all but confirmed.

Speaking in an interview with Athletes in Action, the Colombian international did not hide his love for Jesus Christ, and how his faith in God has helped him to do a lot of things in life. “We have the opportunity to make a difference and show others what Christ has done in our lives. Which He no doubt wants to do in the lives of others.”

Speaking on what the fans always expect of a striker of his status, the former Atletico Madrid forward said: “I think people have high expectations of me and of similar players,” he says. “But I already carry an expectation within me to score goals, the pressure always comes from inside.”

Joining a team like Chelsea means the Monaco man knows what he is up to; and drawing from the inspiration that comes only from the spiritual realm, he added:

“We can have everything, but if we’re not satisfied spiritually, then it’s as if we had nothing and we feel empty, With Jesus Christ, we can be assured that He will never leave us. He’ll always be there. This is something that I have experienced in my own life through His faithfulness and love and through Him showing me that He paid a price for our lives – which was that of His Son, Jesus.”

Falcao on a good day, is a threat to any defence; and the good thing is that Jose Mourinho knows this, and that is why he is splashing the cash on the former Atletico goal poacher.

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