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Get Me Gonzalo, Hamsik & Cabaye Rodgers Tell Liverpool Board

Rodgers is believed to be planning to spend €75 million pounds on the trio of Gonzalo, Hamsik and Cabaye. The transfers are believed to be necessary to halt the team’s recent decline in form, and keep up with their rivals in the fight for the league title. These three will certainly bolster the team and add the much needed quality to the team that seems to be missing since the summer departure of Luis Suarez. Funny enough, there were people who underestimated Suarez’s worth to the team, and this makes one wonder why they ever let him leave.

After all, they stuck by him, when he had his earlier on field issues. Right now, the team appears to be regressing and are basically another Tottenham in the making. Despite splashing over €100 million pounds in the summer, they have struggled against teams and are presently ninth on the table. Though it early days, but the margin between them and Chelsea who are top iof the table is 9 points. Liverpool cannot afford to trail by such margins, neither can they allow the gulf to widen. Else, they could lose out on a top 4 position in the league.

Cabaye, Gonzalo and Hamsik are very good players and one would be forced to ask why Liverpool had not signed them in the summer and rather spent the amount they spent on the present crop of players they signed. For one, it was a surprise they purchased Balotelli, despite the controversies he generates, and while he hasn’t been the darling of headlines (for lack of incidents), he has not hit form yet, scoring just a goal so far and Lambert is also yet to make his mark.  The core of the Liverpool team who fought doggedly with Man city last season and came second in the league are still in the club except for Suarez, but they have not being performing due to certain reasons. Sturridge is still recuperating, meaning the goals have dried up for Liverpool, while Gerard due to age is no longer the midfield maestro he once was. And Mignolet is no longer convincing, probably due to confidence issues.

The earlier reference to Tottenham was not to disparage them, but to serve as a reference point, on the terrible idea of having a high influx of new signings into a team and expecting them to gel easily with their new teammates. It is a fine idea that Rodgers targeted youths whose value will rise in the future but an astute buy would have been to integrate both youth and experienced players in his summer shopping, and this could have limited the short-term effect of a slump in form which Liverpool are currently experiencing. If indeed, Rodgers plans to sign the trio of Cabaye, Gonzalo and Hamsik, they will certainly add quality to the team and change the current tide of form loss, however, such move might not materialize as Liverpool will be running foul of FFP rules and they will be punished.  I personally do not believe that Liverpool would want to risk drawing the irk of UEFA and attempt to sign the trio. Maybe they might sign one or two, but they certainly won’t attempt to spend such amount.

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