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“He Is A Gunner” Skybet Suspends Bets On Benzema To Arsenal

In the crazy world of the transfer window, one of the ways through which fans of different clubs get to find out about their club’s secret activities in the transfer window is by looking at betting odds and partners via various bookmakers’ websites.

This is why when yesterday news broken that majoy bookmakers such as paddy power, sky bet, williams hill, bet365 and co have either suspended or shorten odds of Benzema joining Arsenal, many Arsenal fans were happy.

In the last few weeks, the back pages of major newspapers have had one story to the other to tell about Arsenal’s potential signing of Karim Benzema from Real Madrid and the news that virtually all major players in the betting world have stopped taking bets on Benzema joining Arsenal will only further add fuel to the rumour.

Bookmakers only suspend odds or shorten the odds when they are sure an event will take player. For instance, several days before Manchester United signed Bastian Schweinsteiger, sky bet and paddy power stopped taking bets on him joining Manchester United and few days later, the deal was announced.

Could Benzema be on his way to Arsenal? I won’t be shocked especially after the hint from the bookmakers.

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