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Drogba back to Chelsea

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Chelsea legend Didier Drogba might be on the verge of a come back as the player of Chelsea as Chelsea are reportedly calling for the Ivorian to return to Stamford Bridge and help save their season, this is according to the Sun.

Arguably the best striker in the history of Chelsea, Drogba, led Chelsea to four Premier League titles and the UEFA Champions League win for the first time and he would never be forgotten for his leadership qualities even in the dressing room.

In the above mentioned report was said of Drogba:

Didier was always the man who kept spirits up. He can speak three or four languages and was on great terms with pretty much every different nationality in the whole squad. He was the one who used to post pictures of the players together on Instagram. He bought the gold rings for his team-mates to commemorate the Champions League win in 2012.“

“A few players have spoken about how they miss him and it would be great if he could come back to train and reignite the old spark.”

Drogba left Chelsea in the summer of 2012 when he won the Champions League but returned in the summer of last season. The club lies in his heart.

Having played with the likes John Terry, Ivanovic, Mikel and a host of Chelsea’s current crop of players, his presence will rejuvenate the players fallen confidence.

He was said to be a leader who other players also played to served on the pitch, bringing him back to Chelsea might just be the missing piece on the puzzle. He will do well as a player coach as he has a very cordial relationship with the players.

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