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Manchester United Gets Reply From £120,000-A-Week Target’s Agent

Amidst several reports that Barcelona defender Dani Alves might be considering a move to the English Premiership once his contract runs out next year, his agent has come out to clear the air. reported that Dinorah Santa Ana who is the Brazilian’s agent and also his ex-wife told Catalunya radio that “His future is uncertain. Right now, we’re not negotiating with anyone- not with Barca or any other club.

Santa Ana has claimed that his decision to remain in Spain is due to family reasons, she further explained “We would like to stay here, mainly because our children are here. No one has told us that they want him to go. A year ago he did say he liked the Premier League, but that interview was a long time ago’

Manchester United according to many reports had taken Alves’s statement to mean that he could make a free transfer switch to Old Trafford to bring some experience and more importantly stiff competition to fellow countryman Rafael. Even at 31, the full-back’s ability to make daring runs at the opponents defence while still getting back on time to deal with his defensive duties has seen him create seven chances in the La Liga this season. In another vein, this might even be in Manchester United’s best interest. The Brazilian is already past his career peak and while he may still be able to do his bit, the question is for how long? Considering the fact that the Premier League is more demanding and from what we saw of Patrice Evra last season, the Frenchman found it tough to get back to his duties once he makes a forward burst, and that is for a player who has had about 7 years of EPL experience.

Furthermore, Rafael has been very effective on the flanks and should be given a regular play time seeing as the full-back has been very loyal and consistent to the Manchester United cause and unless Dani will accept to be second fiddle which is highly unlikely, Louis van Gaal should look for options elsewhere. It is true that for Rafael to be more effective, he needs to have a worthy competition, but that competitor should not be a player who is just seeking a ‘retirement’ plan. If Manchester United makes a serious bid to Fiorentina by January, they can have Juan Caudrado, and yes he is a more expensive option but when last did a good stuff come cheap?

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