Manchester United manager turned down Thiago

To add to the farce that was Manchester United’s transfer window, it has been reported that David Moyes turned down the opportunity to sign Thiago earlier this summer.

Thiago’s father, Mazinho, had confirmed that the player was close to joining United, despite United’s claims that Cesc Fabregas had always been their priority signing.

However, it has been revealed that Bayern Munich made a move for the young star after Moyes decided he wasn’t prepared to sign a player he had seen so little of.

United had been watching the player for three years and had planned on taking advantage of his generous release clause this summer. However, with Moyes unsure about the signing, the club supported him and didn’t put in a bid.

Fans of the champions will be left fuming that Moyes let such a great opportunity to pass him by, particularly when they only went to sign Marouane Fellaini.

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