Reaction to the Brazilian State Championships

If you follow the BFTGT, you already know who the champions of the state championships in Brazil are! We analyse the four main states finals, betting the champions, and we hit all!


As we say, the result has already been defined. Corinthians after winning the first leg, drew 1-1 against Ponte Preta in the second leg and became the new Paulista Champions. The match was in a rhythm of friendship, not very good, but that brought happiness to the “corinthianos”, who won a title for the first time at their “Itaquerão” stadium.


The best final of all! In an exciting game, Fluminense went 1-0 with only 3 minutes of the match being played. The match was balanced, with chances for both sides, until the Peruvian Paolo Guerrero, considered the best player of the Carioca championship, scored the equaliser in the 84th minute. Fluminense then had their goalkeeper sent off, and Flamengo in a counter attack 4 minutes into stoppage time scored another goal, to become the champions of Rio for the 34th time.


They was a surprise in Atletico’s formation for the game who were playing with three defensive midfielders. Atletico MG dominated the first half, when they made it 1-0 with a goal from Robinho and could have had more, as the referee disallowed a goal that should have stood. Cruzeiro returned much better in the second half, and Ramon Abila scored a beautiful goal to level the scores. As the tie would still give the title to Atletico, Cruzeiro went out to attack, but in a counter attack Atletico scored the winning goal giving title to “Galo”


And lastly, David won a battle against Goliath! After having had a better campaign throughout the championship, little Novo Hamburgo were crowned with their first title in 106 years. Novo Hamburgo played much better the first half, dominating everything and scored to open the scoring. In the second half Inter began pressing Novo Hamburgo which resulted in them getting a goal back early in the second half. After extra time and penalties, where Novo Hamburgo showed more competence, they were crowned as champions!

Next Saturday starts the Brazilian Championship! You will read here the commentary of the greatest games and a forecast for an upcoming round. Next Saturday we will read here the comments of all 20 teams! And as you already know, if you read here, you will have the best analysis and betting.

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Maurício Wiklicky, direct from football’s country!

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