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Sami Khedira : A Likely Replacement For Yaya Toure

Last Season, Yaya Toure was the consummate professional. Aside scoring goals from the midfield and terrorizing the opposition, he was an inspiration to the team, same as Kompany is. Lifting the league title marked the second time in the last three years that city would lift the league. Not only were they champions of England, they progressed to the round of 16 for the first time, and the atmosphere around the Etihad was serene.

However, it seems an eternity now, as events since May have brought into question, Toure’s commitment to the team, and a fortuitous question about his replacement has began to spring up everywhere. Aside from the loss of his brother, and his birthday saga, Toure has not acquitted himself on the field of play. In all matches he has started so far, he seemed to be an unwilling participant on the pitch and his lackluster attitude has put his team under the spotlight numerous times. Already, City are resigned to losing him for a couple of weeks come January (he will be in Morocco for the African Nations Cup), and the rumors keep milling about him heading off to PSG, coupled with the debate ongoing about the decline in form due to age, Toure might just never hit the same hits he did last season for City, therefore, city should already be planning his replacement.

This is where Sami Khedira comes in. The world cup winner who plies his trade in Spain with Real Madrid is a logical replacement for Toure. With nine months remaining on his contract, he will come cheap and city should capitalize on this in the January transfer window to woo him to the Etihad. The transfer will certainly make sense for city, as Toure will be missing till February and Lampard’s loan will be ending come January and Khedira is still young, aged 27, and he is “considered a dynamic midfielder with flawless aerial ability who can cover a lot of ground, recover the ball and quickly join in the team attack with his powerful mid-range shooting”- Real Madrid official Website. His signing will feel the void that will be experienced in midfield and if city want to put up a fight to retain their league title, then it absolutely important that he is signed. Already Khedira has proved his mettle with Madrid, winning a champions league medal with them, the UEFA Super Cup as well, a La Liga medal, the COPA DEL ROY.

His experience will be an added bonus as Lampard has shown that this season. Of concern of cause would be his proneness to injury but it will be up to the manager to manage him well and utilize him in a way that he is able to avoid injury and give his best to the team. Now is the team to get him on the City bandwagon, as a delay might see him signing for probably Arsenal and it would not bode well if City were to allow him sign for any other premier league team than themselves

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