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Tottenham Star Trolls Arsenal Fans On Twitter But Wenger Is To Be Blamed

Arsenal fans were yesterday on the receiving end of rains of jibes and mockery from other club’s fans after watching their team’s late minute capitulation at the Emirate against Anderlecht.

With less than half an hour to play and 3-0 up everyone thought Arsenal were home and dry with the maximum three points. But Anderlecht had a different idea. An Anthony Vanden Borre double and Aleksandar Mitrovic’s last-minute strike ensured the game end in a 3-3 draw much to the frustration of Arsenal fans.

Other club fan’s and neutrals took to trolling Gunners fans and as expected the subsequent feeling of dejection and pains far exceed whatever joy they’ve had over the weekend after their 3-0 win over Burnley.

One of the fellows that took to social media to troll Arsenal was Tottenham Hotspur defender Jan Vertonghen. The 27-year-old Belgian centre back wasted no time in taking a dig at Arsenal.

 @Jan_Vertonghen “Mitrogoal!!! #arsand”. The Belgian said via his twitter account.

As expected he got in return streams of abuse from the angry Arsenal faithful’s. It is not always a right feeling when your team fails to pick the necessary points especially going by the way Arsenal surrender a 3 goal lead under half an hour.

Fans won’t be blamed for showing emotions rather the manager of the team should be blamed for allowing his team drop vital leads thus making the fans go through all sort of emotional trauma and mockery from opposing fans.

Manager Arsene Wenger has shown insensitivity to fans’ demand over the years. The fans have called for strengthen of the team in key areas yet, Wenger would go through the entire transfer window buying just one or two players and in most cases not in area of great need.

It was very obvious even to the blind that Arsenal needed strengthen in central defence and in the holding midfield department.  But all Wenger did all summer was to bring in Alexis Sanchez and Debuchy, Ospina and Chambers who were replacements for departed players without addressing other key areas of the team.

Arsenal’s conceding three goals under 30minute shows the paucity of defensive qualities in Arsenal defence. A centre back pairing of Per Metersacker and Nacho Monreal is not what you depend on to win the league title or the Champions League.

Coming into the season, Wenger knew Arsenal only has Laurent Koscielny and Per Metersacker as the only senior centre backs in the squad. But how do you go the length of a season without an able cover for your centre backs in case they got injured.

Recent injury to Koscielny means the likes of Chambers, Monreal who are not natural centre backs will be drafted in to partner Per in central defence.

Wenger is an intelligent manager but most of the time he has gambled or taking too much risk on things that doesn’t need to be risked in the first place. He doesn’t need to be a magician to know the key areas Arsenal need strengthen but he just played blind eyes to it.

Arsenal win continue to grind out result, but when result don’t go their way, it is the fans that feel the pain and anguish most from the trolling, jibes, abuses and mockery of opposition fans.

It is high time Wenger did something to the team by bringing in adequate signings to the club. The signing of Sanchez earlier in the season brought a lot of hope and smiles on the faces of the Gunners faithful’s and the player himself is living up to expectation already. The fans need the team to be consistent in terms of result and Wenger will need to sign in the right players to the right position so that Arsenal fans can be saved from future heartaches as last night’s.

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