Liverpool boss’ hypocritical statement about former Manchester United boss

Sir Alex Ferguson’s new autobiography was released this week which details the past 14 years of his Manchester United career. Some of the biggest talking points has been the criticism of former players Roy Keane and David Beckham.

Ferguson talks about what happened in the dressing room when he kicked a boot at Beckham’s head and reveals conversations that were had amongst the players after Keane singled out certain individuals following United’s 4-1 defeat against Middlesbrough in 2005.

Liverpool boss, Brendan Rodgers, has taken exception to Ferguson’s approach and accused Britain’s most successful manager of all time of lacking “old school values”.

“Anyone who’s been in football knows that whatever is said behind closed doors and in the changing room is something you wouldn’t want to hear again,” Rodgers said. “It’s something that’s vitally important. You want to know as a human being that you can speak openly and communication is honest, and hopefully wouldn’t get repeated. You would like to think you would still have some old school values and ethics that whatever is said you take it on the chin and keep it behind closed doors and move on.”

Whilst some might say Rodgers has a point, it’s strange that the comments have come from him, given he invited cameras in to the Liverpool dressing room to film what was said for the documentary on the club, Being Liverpool.

4 Comments on "Liverpool boss’ hypocritical statement about former Manchester United boss"

  1. let me think about this now! the media were invited in before Rogers even got there, hardly warrants the title of hypocrite. what a pathetic article this is

  2. were the doors closed when he let the camera in? oh I forgot that you do
    actually support the SCUM so it would be quite difficult for you to comprehend or deduce this FACT.

  3. Being Liverpool had been organised before Brendan Rodgers was appointed as manager!!
    What a cheap article.
    Old onion nose seems to be making a mighty prick of himself and upsetting a lot of past players.

  4. r u a complete moron? there is no equivalence between a planned filming (players will behave) and revealing what was said behind closed doors.

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