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Brendan Rodgers

Are Liverpool a one Mané team?

It’s a familiar refrain heard in football conversations around the world – ‘you’re just a one-man team!’ Ironically football is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball made out of leather, enjoyed by millions, made in England, but transcends gender, race, religion and locality. Football is arguably the […]


After the ….Danke! (Thank you) & Auf wiedersehen Jurgen! (Goodbye Jurgen) ..then came, Welcome, Klopp to the Kop…YNWA Jurgen Klopp’s style of football is best described in his own words. ‘I always want it loud!’ he says, ‘I want to have this ‘booooom!’ I like fighting football, not serenity football. What we call in German […]

Forrest serves up ace display as Celtic beat Aberdeen to win Betfred League Cup

James Forrest passed on the chance of following in the tennis shoes of Andy Murray to fulfil his ambition of becoming a professional footballer. Despite a phalanx of coaches telling the young Scot he had the potential to make it as a top tennis star, Forrest stuck to his guns and devoted his efforts to honing […]

Analysing Liverpool’s Title Credentials

“The Chihauhaus” of this season’s horse-themed title race according to Brendan Rodgers, Liverpool have exceeded everyone’s expectations this season and now find themselves at the end of their five year period in the doldrums, competing at the business end of the Premier League table once again. But are they really title contenders? Rodgers himself doesn’t […]

Liverpool boss’ hypocritical statement about former Manchester United boss

Sir Alex Ferguson’s new autobiography was released this week which details the past 14 years of his Manchester United career. Some of the biggest talking points has been the criticism of former players Roy Keane and David Beckham. Ferguson talks about what happened in the dressing room when he kicked a boot at Beckham’s head […]

Liverpool boss brands Suarez’s cheating admission “unacceptable”

Luis Suarez has admitted to diving, namely that embarrassing occasion against Stoke City, but claims the media make more of a fuss about him cheating because the media is controlled by Manchester United. “Sometimes you do things on the field that later you think ‘why the hell did I do that?’ People say I throw […]

Five ways that Brendan Rodgers can turn Liverpool FC into world-beaters

Brendan Rodgers is doing a fine job as Liverpool FC manager and should finish in the top half of the Premier League but we’ve got some great tips that will help propel the Reds higher up the table. Here are some handy helping hints which should increase those possession percentages further and help Liverpool get […]

Some people train dogs, Brendan Rodgers educates players

  This picture can be found in Brendan Rodgers’ home. Honestly. You do have to wonder what the motivation could possibly be for someone to have a portrait of themselves on their wall. He doesn’t gouge peoples’ eyes out like Jose Mourinho, ban journalists for asking questions like Sir Alex Ferguson, or make a yearly […]

How will Brendan Rodgers Fare At Liverpool?

I’ll be honest. I never used to like Brendan Rodgers. I used to think he thought he was special, because of his training under ‘The Special One’, but since he’s taken the helm at Liverpool, I’ve started to like him. For the way he plays his football (I knew this before of course, but I […]

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