Are we witnessing a paradigm shift, speed over talent and skills?

The Vision- Spotting your teammate’s run put that perfect ball in for him…Spot a gap between two defenders enough for you to pass, go for it. Goalkeeper is out of position or not covering a corner, go for that cracker… The vision makes the player…Speed and skills he’s born with, like everyone! Companies like Stats […]

Are Liverpool a one Mané team?

It’s a familiar refrain heard in football conversations around the world – ‘you’re just a one-man team!’ Ironically football is a team sport played between two teams of eleven players with a spherical ball made out of leather, enjoyed by millions, made in England, but transcends gender, race, religion and locality. Football is arguably the […]

What Do Real Madrid Need to Do to Win the Champions League this Year?

Listening to Zinedine Zidane, the Real Madrid manager, it seems they are really determined to defend their title this year. Looking at the past statistics, elite European teams can bag consecutive national titles, win premium knockout trophies or win the Europa League consistently, but it’s not characteristic. Surprisingly, retaining the Champions League title has been […]

Will Hamsik go past Maradona?

Last Saturday’s demolition of Bologna saw Napoli move into third in Serie A and are currently the leagues in form team. They have been unbeaten over the last ten matches, scoring 24 points over that time whereas leaders Juventus have the same points but have two defeats and have scored 13 goals fewer. During the […]

Who are the five most underrated Premier League players?

Football seems to be turning more and more into an individual sport. With individual votes such as the Ballon D’or growing each year, and now the introduction of “the best FIFA” awards. Even Spain seemed to become more Ronaldo v Messi than Real v Barca at one point. Football still holds similar rules and regulations […]

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