PICTURES: Stoke fans mock Manchester United with Munich Air Disaster gesture

During Manchester United’s 2-0 win over Stoke City the home fans were caught on camera making the gesture of aeroplane wings to mock the Munich Air Disaster. This was followed by audible chants also mocking the disaster.

During the 15th minute Stoke fans held a minute’s applause for 14-year-old Kameron Bourne who was found dead at his home last weekend. His father, grandfather and brothers were season ticket holders at the Britannia Stadium. United fans were unaware what the applause was for and sang “what the fucking hell was that?” which lead Stoke fans to mock the dead of Munich just a minute after honouring the death of one of their fans. Sadly, this wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last time that Stoke fans have sung the song and made these gestures.

Before kick-off today, several Stoke fans were proudly displaying their “Munich bastards” banner outside a pub local to the ground.

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  1. Always the victims, it’s never your fault.

  2. As a Stoke season ticket holder, it’s nice to see how objective this article is (!) Also, well done on getting the simple facts right (!) Again I use an exclamation mark inside brackets to reiterate my sarcasm.

    Firstly, I was absolutely disgusted by the Stoke fans who decided to pull out the Munich chants. They don’t represent the majority of Stoke fans, but your article pretty much exonerates Manchester United fans which is disgraceful.

    At 14 (not 15) minutes we clapped for an entire minute. It’s something we’ve done for years. It’s what a local club, with local fans can do. We have a sense of unity that Manchester United fans will NEVER understand. You must have realized why we were doing it? I really don’t buy this whole “we didn’t know”… so what? It was obviously a mark of respect. Manchester United fans are the only fans to ever chant such a nasty chant after we held our mark of respect. No other teams supporters have done this.

    So as far as I’m concerned, I really am not as sympathetic as I usually would be.

    • Joe – Stoke fans started clapping when the clocked to 14, therefore the 15th minute of the game. It’s not difficult but I’ll explain it for you. 0-1 = 1st minute, 1-2 = 2nd minute, 2-3 = 3rd minute, 3-4 = 4th minute, 4-5 = 5th minute, 5-6 = 6th minute, 6-7 = 7th minute, 7-8 = 8th minute, 8-9 = 9th minute, 9-10 = 10th minute, 10-11 = 11th minute, 11-12 = 12th minute, 12-13 = 13th minute, 13-14 = 14th minute… 14 (when you started clapping) – 15 = 15th minute. Do I need to put in a few exclamation marks so you can make sense of it, or is that simple enough for you?

      The fact that Stoke fans turned up to the game with Munich banners suggests that, like usual, Stoke fans would have sung about Munich.

      As for your hilarious claim that United don’t know about unity, Stoke’s average attendance in 2005 was 16,455, the season before it was 14,425, season before that it was 14,588. When United were in Division 2 in 75 we had the highest average attendance of any team in the country with 48,389. So please don’t preach about what great fans you have, when they only bother to crawl out of the woodwork to watch Stoke play teams like United. Your ground will be half empty next season when you’re in the Championship, just like it was the last time.

  3. PAUL WEDGWOOD | April 16, 2013 at 1:37 pm | Reply

    Stoke are a fucking joke

  4. Joe, you say you’ve clapped on the 15th minute for years? What for? The lad only died last week. Sympathies to his family btw.

  5. Lol @warrored

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