Why does Liverpool striker blame Manchester United for everything?

Luis Suarez was banned for 8 games last season after the FA found him guilty of racial abuse after he referred to Patrice Evra as “negro” during an argument. Suarez failed to convince the FA panel that he was using the term in a friendly way, given the pair of them were clearly at loggerheads at the time. Video footage was shown to Suarez of him pinching Evra’s arm and Suarez claimed that was intended to be a “conciliatory” action too, in attempt to “diffuse” the situation, before admitting that was a lie.

Having never apologised for causing Evra offence, whether this was intended, as the independent panel concluded, or not, as he claimed, Suarez had the opportunity to make amends when he played against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Bizarrely, he chose not to shake Evra’s hand, which he later acknowledged was a mistake, with the club also apologising on his behalf.

However, when speaking to Uruguayan television months later, Suarez blamed the ban on Manchester United, claiming the club had plotted to get him banned.

“People at Liverpool are sure that it was a way that Manchester United used to put me out of the team and stop Liverpool,” he said in July 2012. “In England, Manchester United’s political power is strong and you must respect that and shut your mouth.”

Manchester United weren’t to blame for Suarez choosing to call Evra “negro”, something he admitted doing, so it’s puzzling that he could think United created the situation to get him out of the team. Also, what does he think United were trying to stop Liverpool from doing? Liverpool finished an incredible 37 points behind United last season and aren’t competitive rivals anymore.

Suarez’s paranoia doesn’t stop there though, with him claiming today that the reason he gets so much press attention is because the media is controlled by Manchester United. He also seems to imply that Evra was wrong to put in a complaint about the racist remark, claiming that when people refer to his place of origin, he doesn’t “cry” about it.

“When someone comes and says to me something bad about being a South American, I don’t cry, because that happens inside the pitch,” he said. “I have my conscience clean. But as I have said Manchester United controls the media, they are powerful and the media will always help them.”

It genuinely hasn’t crossed Suarez’s mind that he receives so much media attention because he’s a deeply unpopular person. Whether that’s for the 7 match ban he received when he was at Ajax for for biting an opponent, costing Ghana their place in the World Cup semi-finals after using his hand to stop a goal in the dying minutes of extra time, being found guilty of racially abusing an opponent, or repeatedly cheating, people have every reason to dislike him.

Maybe he should worry less about Manchester United and concentrate on their real rivals… the other midtable teams, like Swansea, Stoke and West Ham.

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  1. Also, wouldn’t you have to have some kind of proof to say someone controls media? I don’t think this is a small matter …. At least not for news reporters who cherish their independence.

  2. Hey Scott. Great article, only about 8 months too late and not actually factually correct. The FA found Suarez guilty of using terminology which could be construed as racial in his altercation with Evra. This is somewhat different to the popular press’s promoted view of ‘racially abusing’. The term which was used by Suarez was ‘Negrito’, which in Hispanic countries is not considered inflammatory. I would urge people to check with the FA to determine the actual charge and the actual offense as presented as opposed to a sensationalist alternative. However, John Terry of Chelsea was charged by the FA for racial abuse in his altercation with Ferdinand, and because it was only QPR he was only given a 2 game ban. Suarez’s point that the ban handed down by the FA was excessive ‘because it was Man U’ looks to be justified with the Terry/Ferdinand incident. So to that end, Suarez believes that the issues last year (with the case, charge, review and subsequent ban) were made worse because of the political power exerted by Man U on the FA. As I do not have all of the facts (but perhaps more of them than you), I can not adequately offer an opinion on whether this is truly justified or not, but I am mature enough to accept Suarez’s opinion as his opinion on the matter as surely he must be entitled to have his own opinion on this.

    • Scoobsie – It is funny that you would talk about things being factually incorrect then claim Suarez used the word “negrito”. Anyone who has read the FA report knows that the word Suarez admitted to using was “negro”. The only time “negrito” was mentioned was in the papers when they were guessing what could have been said before the report was published. I’m fairly surprised that someone would feel the need to pass comment on this when they haven’t even bothered to read the FA report, or at least, even a summing up of the report in a paper. Basic.

  3. “News reporters who cherish there indepence ” !!
    The above is obviously totally unbiased – NOT !! – Have you read the statement at the bottom of the piece, it states “Scott is a Manchester United Fan” and I’m sorry to tell you Scott, but it shows !
    Yes I am a Liverpool supporter but I see the bad side of Suarez as well as the good which also applies to Bale, Tevez, Rafeal, Vidic, etc etc
    The media find a target and from then on they are blinkered NOT unbiast – Lazy writing !

    • By Far is a fan blog, not a newspaper. Perhaps an inability to see the difference is at the root of your dissonance?

    • How can you include bale? have you actually seen any of the so called ‘dives’ that he got booked for? Completely different to this arrogant little cheat

  4. *independence*

  5. Funny how most of the major papers aren’t mentioning the MUFC portion of his interview at all. Just the diving admission. I’m at a loss to why that could be.

  6. My personal favourite of the Suarez “incidents” was when he claimed that people had been disrespectfully booing the Uruguayan national anthem… it didn’t at all twig with him that they only started booing when his face appeared on the big screen, and stopped as soon as it went off.

  7. Scott
    When Vidic cleanly headed the ball away for a corner last week why did he not rush over to the ref who had mistakenly given a goal kick?
    is it because he is a cheat? is it because he is Serbian?
    Why did the almighty fergie not criticise him?
    Why did the press not criticise him? Could it be they are afarid of a fergie press ban?
    Your myopic rose tinted views are laughable; but what goes around comes around and your slide back to 1980’s mediocrity is just a fergie retirement away Nev the true Red

  8. Tenzin Lhawang | January 30, 2013 at 5:54 am | Reply

    what more to say.. since your name suggest that u are a man u fan you r definitely going to accuse Liverpool player.. ofcourse luis suarez do some silly things but he has the strength accept those.. those diving incidents happens all over the football world.. don’t tell me me that Manchester united players never dive.. what abt evra celebrating infront of luis suarez after there win last season.. what abt Ferdinand celebrating infront of other supporters.. what abt fergie criticizing ref everytime they don’t get the decision.. i do accept that we have lots of catching to do with united in terms of game but accusing us as cheater isn’t right thing to do.. I wonder what would Manchester united fan say if luis suaerez happens to be a united player.. YNWA Suarez.

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